How would you categorise my blog?

I always have identity crises. Whether as an individual, a member of the community, a woman or an online presence. Maybe my brain is not wired correctly and hence, I turn Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde sometimes. I do not know if I am a nice person or a bitch. I am not sure if I am more a sinner or a religious person. See? Terribly confusing, right?

So, I was supposed to categorise this blog of mine. And this categorising business is driving me nuts because I can only choose five most relevant stuffs for my blog. Forget about parenting, travel, cooking and politics. I do not want them because the former two are covered by another blog. I cannot talk American politics.

Therefore, my dear, most sayang readers, if I ask you to give me five topics from the below list, what would you choose? This is limited to this blog. Notice my new tagline? Nice?

Crude, crass, cynical, craps, coy, cunning, calculative yet so chocolatey


* Architecture
* Autos
* Business
* Charity
* Cooking
* Design
* Education
* Entrepreneurism
* Finance
* Games
* Gossip
* Health & Fitness
* Home Improvement
* Jobs
* Movies
* Music
* Nightlife
* Parenting
* Photos
* Politics
* Real Estate
* Recreation
* Religion
* Sales & Marketing
* Science
* Shopping
* Sports
* Technology
* Television
* Travel

Please, please, please tell me what you think this blog is all about?

15 thoughts on “How would you categorise my blog?

  1. LOL don’t tell me auntie’s PPP posts got rejected because your blog is not specifically on the categories listed above. I am having this problem. The weird thing is, I took another opps pointing to the same categories and yet it was approved.

    I’m puzzled.

  2. anthraxxxx – No lah, I am curious what sort of ‘feel’ readers have over here. Hehehe, I have so many blogs, I covered almost all the above categories liao.

  3. Dunno lah, auntie…ur blog covers a bit of this and that…if must choose only 5 then hard lor…aiya, those ang moh very the choosey wan.

  4. GOSSIP! Without a doubt! šŸ˜‰
    Anyway, that sounds juicy, don’t you think?

    Cool tagline… except that “craps” is not a adjective as the rest are.

  5. Don’t know what to choose coz your blog is very unique as in it has a little bit of everything which is why I like coming here

  6. HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to u & family !!
    Yeap! Gossip no. 1 !
    No. 2 cooking – coz u never missed out abt makan.
    No. 3 photos – coz ur site always stood out with ur colourful photos
    No. 4 Entrepreneurism – coz u r quite (ok, very) bzness minded
    No. 5 half religion, half politic ?
    eh…got game meh……

  7. Crude, crass, cynical, gossipies yet so chocolatey. Especially the chocolatey ….. i simply adore this little word šŸ™‚

  8. cili – Those words just popped out. LOL.

    suzy – I dun care liao, I am going to find the highest paying categories and target writing towards that direction. Hehehe, money eye.

    wuching – Eh, I where got gossip wan? I speak the truth only.

    Wuah…so many gossips.

    Dr. B – I put an s to make it clear that I have plenty of craps. All plural.

  9. I am having the same problem because I practically write about anything and everything. I already have another blog that focuses on the auto industry and have just started one which only talks about technology.

  10. * Cooking (u should be my mom u know..^^)
    * Gossip (what more can i say?…haha)
    * Photos (love ur dslr cam…T.T)
    * Politics (hantam sama mereka?) =P
    * Religion

    hehe… i would choose these…but best if got * Family… cuz u’re always talking abt urs ^^

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