OMIGAWD! Really? I have ADHD

If you are interested to find out why you seem never run out of steam, check out the test I did. I do notice that I have some weird behaviours like not being able to sit still and will start shaking my feet since small. My mom always smacked them ‘cos she said good girls don’t shake their legs.

I get impatient with some people and have no tolerance for inefficiency. The only good point is I am sometimes too timid to voice it out so, I just move on.

I know the test cannot be very accurate but I scored 30 points! Anything above 25 is a sign of severe ADHD! Hmm…I do have ADHD or else how do you explain the multiple blogs with multiple topics with multiple posts I churned out each day?


See? Very severe ADHD behaviours. OMIGAWD. That is like so cool! I can now blame my ADHD for the mediocre examinations results I had throughout my life. I can point it to ADHD for not keeping friends because I lost interest in them after a while. I can proudly say that I can blog till I piang because I have ADHD. I can tell the police that I have ADHD and hence, tend to squash cars that blocked my way. If my kids are over active, I can blame my ADHD genes. Yay!

If you want to check, try this test at Web MD. The link is somewhere in the middle of the page. I think I will ask my son to rate me and see what scores he get for me.

Sei lor, I took another test, this time, using very conservative replies and I get a 29.

So, yeah, don’t make me pissed. I have ADHD and I don’t give much thought to others.

9 thoughts on “OMIGAWD! Really? I have ADHD

  1. I have ADHD too, diagnosed by my psychologist and i also have BMD (Bipolar Mood Disorder). The meds are making me pile on the kilos!! waaaa!!!

  2. suzy – maybe all bloggers have some form of ADHD! That’s why we can have so many things to write. All those pools of inspiration in our heads, thanks to ADHD. 😛

  3. heh heh…lilian…actually ah…to tell u the truth…my inspiration mostly came from you. serious. no, not patronizing u hor. thts not me. but why i created my blogsite is partly bcoz i’m so inspired by you:) so ADHD can buang far far.. thk u sifu!

  4. this is my first time coming across your blog, thru cedric ang (kacau fella), and i’ve read ur post from the first page till tis one (for now… plan to study one, but it juz got too interesting) and this particular post made me laugh like shit. Thx for waking me up after reading so many dead boring news in the cnn.

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