Stressed, so very stressed

The primary school my kid goes to decided to close for the whole week. That means I have to deal with all the kids at home while my atm has comfortably gone back to work. In new shirt, tie, underwear, pants and shoes. And I have to be stucked with a stupid Winnie the Pooh’s mouse that is faulty.


Stupid mouse will self-clicked. DNMCH! What if it auto clicks my own Adsense? I mah die!

To add on to the stresses, I had been in and out of the house twice already. The traffic is crawling. Everyone is walking around in new clothes. *puke* Sot jor meh? Weather so hot, somemore can wear pashmina?

If that is not bad enough, kids were fighting over one twiggie (some bakery stuff filled with cream). Toddler got too excited and flung the twiggie away so that his brother did not grab it. It went right into….


My housekeeper cuti-ed and will come to my house only tomorrow morning. *haih* So stressed can die. Tell me lah, how to have Chinese New Year mood like this?

And I totally forget that today is Ash Wednesday and did not attend mass nor fast nor abstain. I just had three slices of fruit cake which I purposely pour brandy over. It is moist with hic hic hic hic XO brandy. Now, sei jor lor…suppose to abstain from bad habits but I had cussed the drivers on the road, especially those out of towners who went into wrong lanes and kept cutting into mine, laughed at those no-cow sense women who wear puffy hemline dresses which made them look more like clowns and drank nescafe kauuuu.

Chinese New Year faster faster over lah. Bueh tahan liao.

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