IcandoitIcandoitIcandoit….Can I tahan being vegetarian?

Thanks to Jeff, my church member who left a comment in Christian-journey, I only realised that I should start my INTENDED vegetarian fast since yesterday. But by the time I know, I had walloped roasted pork rice, ate smoke salmon sandwiches and cooked salted fish/minced pork claypot rice.


This morning, I woke up and wonder if I can manage to go through the whole season of Lent by going vegetarian. Ok, lacto-ovo vegetarian where I stay off meats and seafoods. My willpower is not there this year. Because I have two pigs’ stomach in my fridge and too thor th’ng is my favourite. I have two dozens most delicious lor bak my sister-in-law made for me. I am supposed to cook and belanja my sisters and nephews and nieces this Saturday.

strawberry and dragon fruit

It will kill me if I can see but not touch. How can leh? And I am not going to compromise with ‘stay off meat but eat fish’. I want to go through the whole nine yards just eating vegetarian foods and eggs and milk.

A huge struggle.


With my sons teasing me about eating steaks and hamburgers, how am I going to fight off the temptation? I am not doing it to gain brownies points from Jesus, ok? Because I think if we do something with some returns in mind, it is not sincere and sure go to hell for being so calculative like that. The only reason is to test my willpower. I managed last year.

Red china fuji apple

Forbidden fruits taste sweetest. I think I will take it one day at a time. I only eat some egg sandwich, chocolates and mee mamak minus the sotong so far. I will stay away from food porn and just stare at fruits and vegetables. Plus chocolates and icecream, of course.


You can do it, Lilian. Now that you have blogged it, at least a thousand (hehehe, belagak nyer) people knew about it so you got no place to run and hide. You have no choice but to do it. Vegetarian. Yes, I can! So, who wants to be my Mat Skoding to peep on me and see if I do steal a bite of the sausage, a nibble of the crispy siew bak’s skin, a mouthful of the medium rare juicy steak, a whiff of the baked crabs…Arrgggh…torture. But I am going to do it. I think I can I think I can I think I can. For fourty days only.

12 thoughts on “IcandoitIcandoitIcandoit….Can I tahan being vegetarian?

  1. Welcome to being vegetarian… šŸ™‚ I’ve been giving up meat, alcohol and chocolates for the last 10 years…it’s obviously tough at first, but after a couple of days, it’s a breeze…good luck… šŸ™‚

  2. gallivanter – Wow, that’s a big hurdle you went through! Chocolates? Oh no way.

    wingz – You want me to send you anot, jek? Wait I pos laju for you ok?

  3. Being Vegetarian is good, my family normally observed Fridays as vegetarian day but now since I am at uni here at this ulu place, its difficult to observe being vegetarian, plus I don’t have the courage being vegetarian.

  4. Being vegetarian is easy if the person around you is vegetarian themselves.

    My partner is vegetarian, and when I’m with him, it was easy adapting to his lifestyle since he’s such a great cook that I didnt even miss meat šŸ™‚

    I had great food like Gnocchi, Aglio Oglio di peperincino, pasta alla vegetariana, arrabbiata, grilled bell peppers with olive oil and parsley, tomato rice and loads loads more …

    This is happiness … šŸ™‚

    Good luck on your lent! Yewkandewitt!!!

  5. I dun get it erm, why vegetarian? for health? maybe I can comprehend. but religion? Sorry I do not understand this part since I am a christian too. As for being a vegetarian is it possible some ppl’s body is not made for it? and if continue on can be dangerous for health? hmm

  6. Wah! Rich people means rich people, eat also so choosy. Dowan to eat meat pulak! You know hor, those African people hor, they no choice one. People give fish they eat fish, people give dog they eat dog, people give sharkfin they eat sharkfin. Where got like you so picky? Later your kids follow your behaviour become picky eaters then how how how?


  7. Remember those juicy, mouth watering, lip moistening, spine tingling, heart warming meat? They are calling upon you to slather them with the beef paste that is oh so tasty and to chew and wringe all the juice out of them and gobble them down.

  8. PHEW! 40 days oni ah. CAN LA! If forever, I don’t even hv a glimmer of hope la!


  9. When I am in the mood for steak, my gigi goes gatal whenever I think of it. Once a while being a vegetarian is ok but have to divert brain’s attention. Hope this works for you and good luck.

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