My midnight tryst with a bunch of PPP posties and Ted Murphy

I am probably one of the most obsessed workaholic and dare I say, dedicated person? Last midnight, there was an online ‘Town Hall Meeting’ whereby we, the [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] posties from all over the world get to have a live chat with [tag]Ted Murphy[/tag], CEO of PayPerPost and his staffs.

It was also the first time I chat online with the rest of the posties whom I know through the PPP’s forum. I take what I am doing seriously and I spend time to improve on it. That’s how I end up the top ten earners on all time, all day and all month. šŸ˜› No BS, serious. You can see my pretty avatar on all three leaderboards.

Recently, PayPerPost rolled out a much better BETA but there are some things that we, the posties aren’t very happy about it. However, I have seen a dramatic increase in my daily income. I used to get about USD50 at the most per day. Now, I can hit USD150 per day if I bother to write that many posts. (usually I don’t take the maximum number of posts per day, i.e. three per blogs) In case you are curious, I have earned USD1,148 this month, despite of the days I was without internet connection when I was in KL.

So, last midnight, I do feel glad that Ted has given some positive replies to my questions. They have the whole transcript over at their blog. So, I am going to record down my questions and Ted’s answers over here.

Blockquotes are the transcript. Italics are my explanations.

5xmom: bans – why do we get it
Ted Murphy: That is up to the advertisers. They can ban for whatever reason they choose.

*Note that some advertisers ban us due to our command of English, spellings and the way we portray them. I can accept this because they are after all looking for good representatives of their services/products. I personally have 8 bans. Each bans is equivalent to -.5. When we have too many bans, we cannot take the advertisers opps. But what’s even worse – We accumulate tacks, very much like how good polices have more stars. All those minus point five will cause our tacks to drop. Mine drop from the perfect five to four recently.

5xmom: Ted – all i ask is a less severe banning system. My tacks dropped from five to four when I have only one extra bans. Please do review this, ok? Tks!
Ted Murphy: I will take a look, we already reduced it once.

**I trust PPP will listen to us posties because they value their good posties as much as the advertisers. It takes both to make PPP move forward. Anyway, I have given my best in each paid posts so I am pretty comfortable that I will receive enough good votes to get back my five tacks. Why do I want five tacks? Because five tacks means more high paying opps. That’s why.

One more very encouraging reply was :

Deb: If we are being banned, why can’t we know why, so we can fix it?
Ted Murphy: We are working on this. Advertisers do leave a note, we just need to add that to your display

**I will look forward to the advertisers’ comments on why they ban us. I have over 466 paid posts and therefore, the risk of someone hating what I wrote is greater. If I know what they do not like, I can improve on that area. Usually, I think it is a very subjective matter. They may not like to see me place a post next to their competitors. šŸ˜› This cannot be helped when certain industries (like technology and finance) have plenty of competition and we do get lots of good paying opportunities at the same time.

You can read the whole transcript over at PPP’s blog.

Well, [tag]PPP[/tag] is now a job to me and I suppose it is a good paying one. I have the flexibility to lounge around the house the whole day, write a few hours at night and earn a four figure income. What more can you ask? If you have any questions about PayPerPost, feel free to ask. I hang around the forum a lot and will know where to direct you to find the answers.

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  1. Dear Lillian,

    I have been ur silent ardent reader for the past almost 2 yrs and quite happy with the new ideas and ur not so conventional thoughts about many issues, keep that up.

    I am also inspired with you, having earned quite good just from writing along. Which one of the thing to do that I’m looking forward now.

    Mind to guide me? Thanks! šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Rizal, Tks for saying hi. I like to hear from silent readers. Make me less lonely.

    I love to impart whatever works for me. Just hang around my make money blog and hopefully, you get some useful tips that works for you.

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