Mau gaduhkah? (wanna fight?)

Do have days when you feel like finding someone to fight with? Have you ever get the urge to pick on some poor souls and thrash them? Do you wish that someone will irk you so much you get to release those tensions? I think it is normal that each of us go through these sorts of feelings sometimes. But I bet many would be too timid to admit it. And many will be too self-righteous and all those holy-schmoly shites to even admit it. But let’s get real, ok? It is good to recognise our real feelings and get over with it.

E.g. over on MSN

me : *bitching about someone* she is so farking ugly and got no brains
me : no wonder she need to tfk all the time LOL and she has to tell the world about it

the other side : ……………..

me : You know lah….just looking at the way she acts, no need to say also know lah….

the other side : ……………..

me : okok, enuff bitching about her. soli lah, today I extremely pissed, I PMS-ing only

the other side : Huh, got meh? You every day also like this.

me : HOI, you wanna kena issit? I every day so nice wut, where got bitchy bitchy wan. Niamah, you belum kena issit?


And finally got one person for me to pick on. This guy/or girl, dunno lah, cos the name is benny the email addy is baBy gUrl (puke!) wrote to me to survey bloggers. Niamah, skali this bugger put at least 30 email addresses on the mailing lists. Meaning I can just reply all and the 30 people get it. You said siao or not. So, I told the person off. Some UPM student. And somemore this little bugger ‘teng chui’ (answer back) with me wor. He/or blardy hell, is it a she, said what you know? Said, you want to reply or not up to you. Cilaka, I am angry ‘cos you go and add my email and make a visible mailing lists to so many strangers. And somemore dare to challenge me with ‘you want to reply or not up to you’. Niamah, I where got so much time to go reply someone’s request when they use a name like baBy gUrl and use purple fonts. PURPLE, I TELL YOU! And you think I am so hard up to do survey for some unknown persons meh? You can read the content in my Make Money blog.

Anyway, don’t anyone dare to group email me with all the emails visible and then, I have to see those ping-pong emails of your chummy friends. It is like in real life, I stand at the middle of the two of you (or maybe more) are shouting across the room, right through my ears. Dude, I don’t have all the time to open my mails for stuffs like these, ok? Unless it is a life and death situation, then, only call on me. Puadah!

And for goodness sake, there is a b.c.c. in your mail. Use it! Morons!

13 thoughts on “Mau gaduhkah? (wanna fight?)

  1. I got a few chain emails asking me nonsense too earlier. But, tiu lah… me not feeling well, so no mood to even flak back. Skali hit the delete button.

  2. You are so right. I so hate those ppl who blindly press “reply all” when writing email to just one person in the whole long lists. The next thing, your mailbox is filled with those correspondence between them. So so hate it.

  3. Yalor. So very the pissed off by that kind of people also. Conversation between them also need the whole world to know meh. Flood my inbox only. Now when I saw unknown sender, the delete button is so so much useful.LOL!!!

  4. xifu – You haven’t impart this part of the knowledge yet. Come teach me how.

    Rauff – Okie, will love to do that!

    clare – yayaya and hor, remember I own a forum and sometimes, these ppl go add my email into their friends circle. That’s why I said, contact me only in life and death situation.

    WMD – Hate those! And mail forwards.

    samm – releks….sistah

    marina – Ya, voodoo doll will be useful.


  5. Hey! That’s so dang true!!! Totally agree with u on this lar Aunt Lilian. Just hit delete lor. Voodoo dolls ar? Can use meh if you dun really know the sender? Needa have one of their personal belongings attached to make it work rite? Or at least know their real names??? Email addy works too ka???

  6. LOL… I like the porn idea very much…. so cool. But yes, I hate that too…

    “And for goodness sake, there is a b.c.c. in your mail. Use it! Morons!” –> Gonna use this line next time some one forward me those forwarded mails. Damn men-mah-fan-kan these people.. šŸ˜€

  7. to expand on doc’s idea…why not also put his email in for other BORING gardening/knitting/cutting your fingernails… HAHAHAHAH!!! Make him get more SPAM!

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