Pimping some new blogs

Folks, it is the weekend again. So, let me introduce a few bloggers to you.

My #2 son – Heh, he is not exactly a new blogger but since his blog has no visitors ‘cos he is too lazy to write, I kasi promo sikit. But you know…that son of mine can really write wan. He hari-hari hang around skateboarding forums and writes lots of forum posts but he did not bother updating his blog. I warned him that I am going to take over and use it to write paid posts if he keep neglecting it. So, this is the last chance for him to at least update three times a week or I will declare it as my blog. Hehehe, I can act like a teenager and write what. So, check out Kamikaze-Skateboard.

Also, in the family is my niece. My brother’s daugther. A real smart girl ler. She is a student in USM studying Engineering Physics. Dun pway-pway wei, only guys major in that but she is one of those few girls who did it. Talking about her, I still haven’t meet my bro and passed the angpow to her. Chialat mia goo-goo. Check out eileenisblogging. Eileen, when you are sure that you like blogging and keep it maintained, I get you your own site, ok? Too bad eileenchan.com is taken or else I want to buy it now.

Then, I forget if I have told you guys about Elvin’s travel blog? Go visit him and say hi? He has travelled far and wide with lots of travel tales to share. Elvin is from my church.

And tadaaa…the man I want to pimp is none other than Louyeh.com. Check out his new blog which is just launched today. He has many old wisdoms to share with everyone. Please link Louyeh if you have not done so. He is very hard-up for it. Do him a favour lah, blog about his blog and link it. Link. Jangan tak link. You know why? ‘Cos he said I am his cheng-yan. Ewwwss….so geli. (eh, louyeh, you know the song ‘ching ren, ching ren, wa che me neng kou wang ji nie? – lover, lover, how can I forget you? Come we sing together during bloggers gathering on March 9th and make everyone puke?)

Talking about bloggers gathering – remember these dates:

1) Penang Bloggers – This sunday, 11.30 am, Starbucks e-Gate

2) Whole world bloggers (hehehe) – KL, March 9th. (check out rojaks site for details)

So, go on, widen your blog circle, say hi to all the new bloggers, keep them motivated and good karma will befall you. That’s the secret of gaining lots of traffic. Help the new bloggers in the early days so that they have the motivation to keep posting. Then, we will have a better blogsphere. No man is an island.

6 thoughts on “Pimping some new blogs

  1. You going this Sunday for Penang Bloggers Meet ar?

    What about the other one in KL wan? On the 9th of March. Can I pls come along with you? No obligations though. =)

  2. matthew – This Sunday wan, I kena tahan the letering from Julie to make it. Still dare not SMS her I cannot attend choir practise. On the 9th one, cannnn..but I oso not confirm yet. Will let you know?

    RB – Yes, got to go lah, so long no meet liao. I see Jolene is coming, so must go meet her.

  3. aiyak, this KL blogger meet oso i can to miss. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! me coming back to malaysia only on 10/3. WAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!

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