Toys I played when I was a kid…

This comes from Rauff of Bullets of Quills and Ink. He started this meme call Toys I played when I was a kid..

The rules are simple….write according to the original subject and at the end you pass the baton to and tag only one other blog by placing a link to that blog. I am starting something light and easy to write about. Owh and the list of toys must be a minimum of 10 please. Just to make it interesting


Oh boy, have you made me feel wild! Wild as wild in the jungle. ‘Cos I don’t play with toys. Real girls play with real stuffs, not plasticky stuffs. So, here goes….

1) Masak-masak : None of those tiny pink plates but real plates, real knives, real herbs and real fire! We would plucked daun kadok, daun pandan and all sorts leaves and boil it with real fire. But we did not eat them or else my otak would be cacat with all those lead and rust.

2) Market/Pasar : Yeah, we Chinese were business-minded since we are five years old. We played market place with again, real stuffs we plucked from around the kampung. We used cockle shells as the money.

3) Coconut leaves tent : I lived in this kampung surrounded by banana and coconut trees. Each month, a big group of Indian men in dhoti will climbed up the trees, chopped down the coconuts and some leaves (to make it less bushy). Yeah, in case you are curious, I did try to peek and see if I can see Indian men’s coconuts but nope, they tied their dhoti (a kind of sarong) so tight, I only see their scrawny legs. So, after they have left, we the kampung folks had to gather all those leaves in a pile. And I made a tent with them. It is real cosy with the whole thing being green and fresh. Think Pocahontas?

4) Marbles : Dungu. That’s the name of the large white marble along with those glass ones.

5) Batu lima/tujuh : Tiny pebbles we picked up with our hands.


6) Frangipani : We would tie a bunch of frangipani with rubber bands and kick it like sepak takraw. The winner is the one who can last longest on one leg, balancing the frangipani with the other.

7) Rubberbands rope : None of those commercial skipping ropes. We collected rubberbands and make one huge, long rope for skipping.

8) Kali-tui : I know you want toys but I ran out of real stuffs that we played with. So, kali-tui is a game of catch. I can’t explain it well. You draw lines on the earth/ground and jaga your territory.

9) Plastic doll : I used to have a large doll which eyes could open-close when it lays down.

10) Are books counted? : Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton series….lots and lots of them.

Rauff’s list is over here. And my next victim will be….

*drum rolls please* She is that huge eye avatar you see over at MyBlogLog pics on the sidebar. Hehehe, check out this post she wrote. *damn kembang, I tell you* (psst…suzie, I knew about it but dare not say thanks ‘cos it is too flattering)

7 thoughts on “Toys I played when I was a kid…

  1. anthraxxxx – Are you thinking what I am thinking? šŸ˜‰ LOL

    Rauf – I bet the kids nowadays have a different kind of list. PS3, PSP, Nintendo Wii….and I think that’s about all.

  2. Eh? You forgot that ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ game.

    Kiddie Lilian : “Okay, one, two, three… BUKAK!”


    Kiddie Wingz : “Eh? Where did yours go???”

    Kiddie Lilian : “AHAHAHAHA! You got cheated! I donch have bird-bird one. KAKAKA!”

    Kiddie Wingz : “You still wet bed ka?”

    Kiddie Lilian : “No ak.”

    Kiddie Wingz : “Donch bluff! My mother say if I still wet bed she will tiok mine. Yours sure kena tiok liao. HAHAHA! Neh neh neh…” *pee standing swing butt show off show off*

    Kiddie Lilian : *cry*

  3. doc – HOI, I dun pway like that things wan lah. Come to think of it, I forget what age only I see kkcs. Hmm…now I must go think for the whole weekend liao. *light bulb* Good topic coming next week!

  4. LOL I don’t know what I think might match yours but it’s always interesting to have a ‘follow’ up on this post. You know, like a sequel šŸ˜›

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