So who is coming to the Penang Bloggers Meet tomorrow?

I took this list from Penang Bloggers Meet blog. I think 70% are teenagers. The others are bloggers I know and am excited to meet. Like Jolene, the dentist-wannabe who is coming all the way from Kedah. I asked her to bring along her group of girl friends ‘cos my webhost said if got lengluis only he will go. LOL.

Now, KS Tang, mana lu? Mau pigi? Come lah. I will kena lecture for skipping my choir practice and dare not tell my leader yet. Sure kena grill and leter for ponteng but not often have bloggers meet, so worth it.

See you all there! (Sunday, 11.30 am Starbucks, e-Gate)

01. LogicYuan

02. Koolz

03. Nicholas aka Jigsawme

04. Hobart Lim

05. Peter & Gladys

06. Tungz

07. Emily

08. HolyBoy27

09. Hong Wei

10. Erlynda

11. Theng

12. Minny

13. Joosing

14. Samantha

15. Derek Ooi

16. Matrianklw

17. Mich

18. Kiumo

19. Brenda

20. Puteri

21. kuE

22. YBY

23. Chee Hsien

24. Kah Peng

25. Warren Tan

26. alcheong

27. Cedric Ang

28. Cheng Soon

29. Calvyn

30. Christinayy

31. Timothy Tiah

32. Lie Yuen

33. Jayelle

34. CY

35. Mae

21 thoughts on “So who is coming to the Penang Bloggers Meet tomorrow?

  1. bryan – secret leaked out, tomolo all the girls won’t dare go near you, sek moh (wolf)

    boss stewie – Eh, I copy buta-buta from the source code. Ney, change liao.

  2. I will be there, with you, in my thoughts (when do i have to start thinking?).

    Hm – I should have met you about two weeks back, when I was in Penang for a training. next time, hm?

  3. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA! boss stewie really got tell u ah…

    5xmom going wor… a MUST to go lor…like joosing said.


  4. Cheh!………… Lilian only mah! It would be cool if she bought everyone a round of drinks!

    *Muahahaha! Naik meja!*

  5. ks – OI, what you second the webhost? He single, you want mrs ks to come pulas telinga ah?

    Cy – ok!

    terence – Niamah, you don’t pull me into water hor. You think we go mamak shop kah? You think I print money ah? Dun care, deposit XXX amount into my bank and I blanja and tell them it is from this sohai name terence.

  6. kuE, cedric & aL- malu nyerrrrr…

    joosing – ok, see you there

    eve – aiyor, come lah

    andreas – let me know when you are in town again, char koay teow on me or maybe mamaking.

  7. Auntie, I’m in Kedah liao…but but…I got a full day of class today….can’t make it lah…*sniff sniff*
    Wargh!!! Can’t believe that I’m missing this!!!!

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