I am a vegetarian I love vegetables so much, it hurts me to eat them.

Someone gave me that joke. And I immediately laughed over it. It was like, dude, are you rubbing it in? He knows I am struggling with this crazy obsession of mine to get myself eating only grasses and leaves for fourty days. Many people wondered why I bother when it is not required. Some were snickering that if I do it, just do it and shaddap and stop harping over it.

But it is my blog and my tagline remains ‘Love it or leave it’. So, folks you are going to see me whining over it, whether you like it or not. Because this is my only way of struggling through.

If you want to know what exactly I am fasting for, please check out my church’s website. Holy Spirit Cathedral Penang has updated the things we should try to stay away from during this month of Lent.

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