Penang Bloggers Meet – photos

*Warning first, if my pic in your camera not pretty-pretty like my real self hor, you better don’t post hor? Blackmail me with it, can lah.*


This is the biggest and most lau juak bloggers gathering. There are 55 names on the list! And some did not register earlier but turn up last minute. At first, we gathered outside Starbucks but later, this bold young man, LogicYuan masuk Starbucks and re-arrange the whole place plus asked if one patron mind shifting their place. Fuwah…I admire sama lu, young man! LogicYuan is the or-kui-ni-ser (organiser) of the event, btw. This is the kind of spirit we want. Very enthusiastic and lively.


The dress code is black, white, red and dan-lain-lain. This is the Penang pek bin hawr (white face tiger).


This gang is the Ang Lau Hor (red tiger).

I am in the Or Kui gang (the black tortoise) so the pic is not in my camera.


You know why everyone laughing like that? Because the sign said ‘Penang Bloggers Here’ and pointing at that siao kia Cedric’s kkc. He belongs to the red gang ‘cos he said he wears a red underwear today.


The female bloggers. I got 41 photos uploaded here on Flickr. But I think others, except me, cannot download the pic from Flickr. Sorry about that. We will wait for LogicYuan to open a group Flickr album for them later.

Small-small pic of me, eheh.

There are like 20 cameras there so plenty of pics to see. Watch out for the links.

Glad to finally meet Jolene! And Kue came all the way from Kuala Kangsar. *Claps!*

You know what? I didn’t know Penang has so many bloggers until today. All of them are young but they maintain very interesting blogs. It has been fun mixing with them and hope to do this often.

Updates : Links to other bloggers posts:

Update #2 – Warren has posted the individual pics of the bloggers. Go see it! Wuah, Warren’s photography manyak sui.

39 thoughts on “Penang Bloggers Meet – photos

  1. Hey!!! I am very happy to meet u up there! Seriously it’s an honour, you wanna know why I admire you a lot?! Because the way you blog and the way you present yourself clearly shows the people that you don’t want to be different than the teenagers, therefore I see you as a very cool and open-minded person!!! XD

  2. wah.. i sudah jadi or-kui haha…

    by the way cedric said he didn’t wear read underwear today la…

    he posted abt the red underwear b4,so its sort of his trademark haha…

  3. Hey!!! Wonderful having u over our bloggers’ meeting! Hehe, knew you’d blog about it soo fast. It was indeed a very fun meeting, too bad i had to go back a bit early, as exams were coming. Have to study lah, you know lah, student what….

    btw, thx for the ang pow!

  4. Eve – Hehehe, I memang fast worker wan.

    Boss Stewie – Dun mention it lah.

    hobart – wuah, yr blogspot url nice hor

    logicyuan – Hahaha, I dunwan to know what colour he wear lah. Later, ppl say I humsup. I only tembak song-song.

    Bryan – Hehehe, you so busy hor?

    cedric – You very funny la. Make me so paiseh oni.

    Owen – We have another bigger one coming. In a grand ballroom!

  5. Wow..banyak cepat …seriously im really happy to meet u in real person…u are such a nice person n very joyful all the time…seeing u laughing, so cute ohhh …really appreciate the time we all spent today even its only a short period of time…
    im happy to meet everybody!!!!! hope to have another gathering next time!! NIce Pic anyway!!!!

  6. Hey, nice to meet u personally in person!!! Thanks for the red packet!!! Was a wonderful meeting and hope we would be able to do it again in the near future! By the way next week we are going hiking on Sunday, interested?

  7. Congrats and fecilitations from a Penang ay lang – wah tong kim boh tee lang lang ay sor chai šŸ˜‰ aiyah, chia chor nia, knua lu lang ar nay tua song

  8. wa lauu ley… so fast u update one wohh…. tabik sprinng to u dear. it was really a great fun time indeed. hope to join u all again šŸ™‚

  9. update banyak cepat lo…never grab the group picture from our pro photographer yet? I was there in the group pic la. Hehe. I left early though. Kam sia for your ang pow again!

  10. hey!!! 5xmom a.k.a lilian (:
    it’s such an honor to have met you! you’re cool and your blogposts are amazing. and oh ya!! thanks for the angpow heeeheee šŸ˜€ happy chinese new year! and cepatnya u update! lol.

  11. 12 years ago I would have qualified as a “Penang blogger” but in those days, there was no such thing as blogging. Sigh. This is when I really miss Pulau Pinang and the days I lepak in KOMTAR and watching those movies at Cathay.

    – MENJ

  12. Jeles now šŸ˜› hehehe.. So many SYT and of course, the main SYT herself..Lilian šŸ˜› anyway..aunty.. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ang Pow mana? šŸ˜›

  13. Hehehe! Clever u hor! Put small pix, got optical illusion so look smaller!!! Next time, find someone bigger than u, take pix together…u’ll look even smaller!!! Haiya! If in March during school hols, I’d probably be able to turn up too…and buat kacau2!!! Then u take pix with me, sure look very, very small!!! LOL!

  14. terence – Kacau lah lu. Got lah, after you tarik gua masuk air, I cannot escape liao. I no belanja, I kasi angpau. Enuff to buy one cookie, can ah?

    STP – Why lah you go and kasi pecah my rahsia. Eh, btw, that day when we were in Ikea, Bro Paul was there. Relaxing at Ikea. Asked the sons to go wish him CNY, they said, “Aiyah, mom, you sindiri want to say hi to Bro Paul say lah.” Hahaha, lengjai HM, mah hor? BTW, he is here till 2009 only and that will be the last brother in our country, I heard.

    QV – šŸ™‚

    lingghezhi – The next one in KL is going to be bigger.

    menj – Hey, are you going to the KL one? I told Wingz the one blogger I want to meet is Menj. Hahaha, see how we exists in real life vs. blog. (re: those name calling on blog?)

  15. minny – nice to meet you toooo

    jlshyang – Now I remember! You mentioned about some exams that others never heard. See? I so observant hor? You have some blue/gray t-shirt, correct or not ah?

    kuE – you come from KK, I oso tabik spring balik

    hobart – Yeah, it is. My nephew is studying there too, in Form One.

    clare – ya lor

    Ktemoc -haha, kamsiah, kamsiah, wa long chin chia song

    CY – Nice to meet you too

    warren – Hahaha, you need to call 991 pasukan keselamatan to carry me down later. But thanks for the invite. You take great pics lah.

    joosing – I memang efficient.

    linsey – lenglui, no problem

  16. Shiawase – Huh? I got blogged about this sia-suey thing before ah? Hahaha.

    PC Legend – I know…cos Warren asked me to go call PC Legend to take photo, after my turn. The red shirt/white pants lor.

    Hobart – I dunno how his name is spelt in English cos it sound pelik in Mandarin. Never mind, I put your face on my new post, he see liao he knows.

    jlshyang – Got someone mentioned about exam. Who already? NVM, next time we meet again.

    Erina – Sure……next time you find a hall for us lah, we go invade Cooking Island’s cakes and foods.

  17. Sure. Moh mun tai. Like tat this year I must work extra hard liau to get lots of money so next year Penang Blogger’s Meeting will be belanja by me mah. hahahaha………………. lol

  18. Hey there Lilian the famous 5x mom, it’s nice to see you in person at last after all the raves about you from Jolene..hehe It’s really so sweet of you to give each and everyone of us an angpow but it sure made our day! Thanks again!

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