I sometimes wonder….does one Ministry consult another before they started throwing their weights around and create a publicity stir? This has happened much too often and I doubt, they work as a team.

So, it is pretty shallow to me that one Ministry wants to ban fast foods ads while I believe another Ministry desperately needs the ad revenue to keep their TV stations afloat and yet, another Ministry is allowing all those low quality, junk foods ads to be made available to kids in school and another Ministry sitting on their butts and not doing anything to curb the rampant availability of unhealthy foods to be marketed. And the Ministry of Health allows the promotion of pregnant mother’s milk and 1 year old and above milk.

In case you do not know, formula milk for babies are not allowed to be advertised, globally. So, these sneaky people use the pregnant mother’s milk as a platform and then, using the 1 yr and above child’s milk to drill into ignorant parent’s minds that drinking cow’s milk will make their babies so smart they can say oked and make their babies so chubby. This is the source of the problem. The parents have been given the image that fat babies are healthy babies. So, they had been stuffing their kids silly to make them fat. With this sort of mentality, the parents will continue to fatten their kids.

Now, back to the fast foods ads. Tell me, how many of our Malaysian families can afford to eat that many fast foods meal at McDonalds, Kentucky or A&W? Even with our income, we find eating them a pinch because a meal can set us back by RM60 per outing. (eh, where’s my McD’s free meals voucher?) So, get real, it is not entirely the fast foods that make our children fat. It is the Government’s lack of action against all the parties involved and also the parents ignorance.

If the Government is serious in making our children healthier, more active and trim, they have to make a concerted effort involving the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs, Information, Education and onlygodknowshowmanygajibuta Ministries. But don’t go overboard and in the process, do a greater sin. I.e. give our children a bad body image of themselves. That one is irrepairable. That will lead to eating disorder, mental problems and a screwed up generation.

For a start, Ministry of Youth and Sports, get more parks for the youth. Don’t just built and let them rot. I know how many good skateparks had been left to rot due to apathy. Tune in to what youth wants and cater to their needs.

Next, Ministry of Education, stop the emphasis on academic achievement and please tell your teachers to work on Saturdays so that poor little seven years old do not have to go through co-curriculum and normal classes, squeezed into the weekdays. They will view all those sports activities as torture more than anything.

After that, Ministry of Information (and wateva), think before you think. Can our TV stations survive without those ads from McDonalds and KFC? I personally think that McDonalds has taken a very proactive steps by changing their menu to steamed corns and promotes healthy eating. No, McD did not pay me free meal vouchers to say this. 😛

Lastly, all the Ministries who are supposed to curb and protect the nation, get off your butts and work. Like Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Family, Women and whatever and Ministry of Health. And parents, for God’s sake, cook for your kids. Whether it is McDonalds double cheeseburger (gawd…I miss you!) or nasi campur bought from the stalls, they are all equally unhealthy and fattening. Cook like me. *walks off proudly*

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