Together Gather Blog Meet – Where/when

Left 2 more weeks before the BIG day! So, I am going to make a few posts from here on.

What does the amount covers?

RM35 inclusive of Buffet Dinner (halal, of course) in the Federal Hotel’s Skyroom plus drinks too! Skyroom is where you will be able to enjoy the night view of the forever busy Bukit Bintang dazzling displays of lights and life.

And hor, in case you meet a blogger you don’t like, you can push him/her down and land on Jalan Bukit Bintang. Somemore got, if your ‘arm-luen’ (crush) blogger is there, you can ‘chut sot’ (give electricity) and then, proceed to the rooms below. Tell me lah, I cover for you. I very sporting wan. I pinjam my room for you. 20 minutes = RM200. Enough or not, 20 minutes?

On top of that there will be games and prizes to be won also! Plus doorgifts and others freebies.

Here is the Details of the Event again (in case you missed it) :

Venue : Federal Hotel Skyroom, Kuala Lumpur Date : 9 March 2007 Time : 7 pm till 11 pm Dress code : Smart Casual Charge : RM35.00 Inclusive of Buffet Dinner (eat all you can la!) and Drinks

In the next post……’cos I know many of you got short attention span.

Who is going?

18 thoughts on “Together Gather Blog Meet – Where/when

  1. Sounds really fun! But I got to see if I have anything on that day … is this a weekday? Crap don’t know where my calendar is. I’ll get back to you, k?

  2. 20 mins ah? u must make sure federal supply alot of chairs for the ppl to wait outside the room and many many changing of bedsheet ler..

  3. sasha – I forget to mention, different rates apply for group orgies. LOL. Eh, you coming or not? Come lah. Aiyer, I sound like some kepoh organiser. But never mindlah, I dem excited cos finally atm said go lah, go lah.

    joosing – LOL, boh pan huat, do it outside lor.

    ruth – It is Friday. Can go straight from work mah, casual affair, no need to balik rumah, do hair etc. ‘Cos LOL, I am coming straight from Penang.

  4. err aunty, Penang people all kautim in 20 minutes wan ar?

    KL people keng abit wan, 45minutes …

    all SPA standard is 45 minutes wan lo …

  5. earl-ku – I kira like dis. If I am going to vacate my room from 7-11 pm, I have only four hours to rent out. To make up for my travelling expenses, so I must get higher turn over mah. So, mah get them to hurry up lor. We Penang people very straight forward wan, whambangthankyoumam. LOL!

    wingz – OI, I posted this in PayPerPost forum, calling for Malaysian PayPerPost posties to unite for a group video/photo/wateva stunts. You don’t mind hor? LOL, I contribute back my income from PPP, donch worry. Cos I hope to make a statement that we Malaysians are damn keng chau in writing Yingrish one.

  6. haha… 20 mins enough to take off our clothes oni.
    another 20 mins to wake up little brother so i need 1/2 hour at least. Old liao mah. hands and legs all very slow.

  7. March 9th cannot lah! Have to be around when anak comes out of Khidmat Negara on 11th or she’ll be so heartbroken!!! Skyroom! Last time I was there for a function was in 1986…got lamsing – poom chiak chiak!!! When u get back to Penang leh? I may be going 12th-15th and if can get in touch with u, I invite u 4 dinner…and ask Brother Paul too (Ah! Like dat sure 2 cum hor!!! LOL!).

  8. clare – Oooh…I am sooo excited!

    budokid – Go with yr cast lah. Bring marker, we sign it for you. Wuah, yau yeng wor. Come, come.

    terence – I tak ajak pun. Blek.

    STP – Yes, yes, yes, Bro. Paul! Hahaha, joking oni.

    ahpek – Times are bad so must make it faster baru got enuff to cover my travelling cost lah. I sell viagra skali, how?

    matrianklw – Am going to email you soon.

  9. Hi all,
    So let me get this striaght? You are all meeting on the 7th of March for Dinner and sex..? If thats the case i’m in haha.. I’ve been living in Penang for 2years now and i come from England.

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