I will follow you….(Is the DIGI Yellow Man going to the Together Gather?)

Ok, in case you did not notice, the list of sponsors for the Together Gather have increased. Today, Pixart had generously sponsored several prizes. You have heard of Pixart, right? That photobook that I had blogged about? So, be sure there to win some of the lovely photobooks.

And do you know that the Yellow DIGI man MAY go too? So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now! You can pay by PayPal too, you know? Good chance for networking, khau lengjai, khap lenglui, wateva. Now, let’s sing, “I will follow you”

And sorry how, I just gotta add this photo which I picked from JooSing, I think?

Dem, I become camwhore liao. Blame it on Jolene.

7 thoughts on “I will follow you….(Is the DIGI Yellow Man going to the Together Gather?)

  1. Warning : referring to my last post, if I hear of anyone making references to my hubby related to my joke, you can blardy fark-off, wokay? I have very strict rules that none of you commentors have any right to talk about anything not related to my post. And that applies to you, QV. Don’t get too familiar with me. Stick to the blog and don’t go meddle elsewhere.

  2. Ooo…wat was tat all about??? Anyway, Lilian, looking at ur photos, it occured to me tat I would look like tat too whenever I went out with my ex-students. These boys would cum back from overseas or uni…and cum to visit me, and we’d go out 4 dinner or something!!! I probably looked like a father taking out the sons makan!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

  3. STp – What? I thot u are going to say I blend in and look like 20 yrs old.

    That one hor…ppl go asked me in my other comment, is that how long yr atm’s last when I made the joke about the 20 mins room usage. My policy – Don’t bring my anak pinak, nenek moyang into discussion, no one has the right.

  4. Ha ha ha! Look on the bright side, Lilian. Young people dread mingling with old people…but the fact that they don’t mind being seen in public with us and enjoy our company (hopefully) shows that there MUST be something special about us that encompasses any generation gap. In a nutshell, we are…FOREVER YOUNG! He he he he he!

  5. Hey 5xMom! 🙂
    from what i seee… from the pics at the recent gath!
    every1 is so happy, the pics showslots of differences.. i mean, its diff bit from the ones here in KL!

  6. hi can anyone plz help me…i trying to find the digi”i will follow you” full piano playing version

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