I want to post the name list of the bloggers going to the Together Gather but I cannot copy the codes from Blogger’s blogspot. So meantime, I have stolen some pics from the bloggers who attended the Penang Blogger’s Gathering.

Here is my mugshot. You can see the whole group mugshots from Warren’s site.


Next, is the youngest blogger there. Hobart Lim of ChungLing. Correct or not? The tall fler there is CY.


And this is one of the many group photos we had:


And this one is – Hark Yan Nga Kou (darkie’s toothpaste) advertisement which shooi of Just My Thots and Lilian of 5xmom said….


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Eh, got any more photos and link? Please give me? Flickr group photo here. To upload, check out PenangBloggers site. Tks logicyuan, born 1907.