More pics from the Penang Bloggers Gathering

I want to post the name list of the bloggers going to the Together Gather but I cannot copy the codes from Blogger’s blogspot. So meantime, I have stolen some pics from the bloggers who attended the Penang Blogger’s Gathering.

Here is my mugshot. You can see the whole group mugshots from Warren’s site.


Next, is the youngest blogger there. Hobart Lim of ChungLing. Correct or not? The tall fler there is CY.


And this is one of the many group photos we had:


And this one is – Hark Yan Nga Kou (darkie’s toothpaste) advertisement which shooi of Just My Thots and Lilian of 5xmom said….


“Host your blogs with SapiensBryan and you will be smiling all the time because our blogs make money with his Adsminded template and excellent hosting service. The little baby name is Bryan too! Two Bryans, which one cuter eh?

Eh, got any more photos and link? Please give me? Flickr group photo here. To upload, check out PenangBloggers site. Tks logicyuan, born 1907.

15 thoughts on “More pics from the Penang Bloggers Gathering

  1. That Cedric Ang Teh Kohor…got the “HOCK” character in gold at the VERY strategic part or not? They got sell during CNY, but if u ask me, u put ur “hock” there, so sooi already lah!! Where got good luck anymore??? Eee…Lilian, u got give angpow, why u no tell earlier one??? I oso wan!!! I not budak2, I warga emas!!!

  2. Walao, everyone can get up close and personal with aunty lilian. Hehehe. Got angpau some more. Err, Aunty, I am serious one. I want EMPTY angpau packet. Coz I wanna collect the designs. Pretty please.

  3. terence – Like that style hor, like just out of bed after hot sex, you know or not? Tiu.

    andylkw – Alright, wait i go find all the varieties and then I mail u for the address lah. I pos malaysia to you.

    STP – HOI! You think I pervert or what? LOL, teruk betul cikgu STP. Or you go to school and ask your students – tunjuk apa warna seluar dalam kamu and ordered them to show or kena rotan? STP, can, I give you one, you return with four packets.

    CY – LOL, it just popped up.

    Samm – Hehehe, there are like 20 cameras there so the flash blinked until blind. Eh, you not going to KL? Come lah.

    cedric – Over at

  4. Wah! U sure u not Foochow kah? So li hai! U give me one, I give u 4?? 5 lah! 4, the number not good lah!!!

  5. wow..didnt know u went for da bloggers meeting too..
    I guess i’ll have to meet u some other time den..

    Great pics though~!!

    Rock on 5xmom!! XD

  6. huah.. dun say forced la.. haha wanna make fren fren ma… Besides i just love taking pictures ma, wanna be a photographer šŸ˜› hahaha cool You wanna attend next Sunday Hike?

  7. warren – hahaha, joking lah. No lah, I can’t go ‘cos sure mati wan, tak larat lah. I had hiked to Pantai Keracut but that was when I was 16 yrs old. LOL.

    vegemaster – Too bad you and pookyma cannot come. Never mind, next time we go pookyma’s shop and makan loh mee, cheaper than starbucks. LOL. Skali I belanja everyone Hainanese kopi.

    kukuman – Tenkiu

    STP – No, Hainanese. We oso clever to kira wan.

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