Matthew – Gift of the Lord

He is four today. So, come wish him Happy Birthday and if you want, I can give you my PayPal account number for his angpows or birthday gifts. LOL.

Click on the play (triangle) button and then, pause it and wait till the red bar is complete before playing so that you get a smooth clip. I think only 2 mins.

While waiting for the video to finish downloading, maybe I want to reflect back why I choose Matthew as his name. You see, he was born 10 months after Vincent’s death. He wasn’t in the plan ‘cos my hubby and even doctor advised me against getting pregnant immediately after Vincent’s death. (you will know why later) I think it was just mere days away when both of us went to Dr. Cheang HK’s clinic to deliver some nebuliser unit, portable oxygen tank and suction machine etc which belonged to Vincent. We gave it to Dr. C as he could pass on those machines to his patients who couldn’t afford them. (they are damn costly, btw. But thank God for good employer who helped us financially.)

But somehow, I got pregnant. It was a rough pregnancy because I had pre-eclampsia. On top of that, when you are pregnant so soon after a loss, the guilt will wreck you apart. Guilty that you suddenly have someone to replace the deceased one. Like a huge betrayal. So, I was swinging between mourning, rejoicing, worrying over the tough pregnancy and coping with the trauma of that long hospital stay.

My pregnancy had so much problems, I already make plan B with Dr. C for another premature birth (just like Vincent). Pre-eclampsia means my blood pressure shoot sky high and I can go into seizure and sometimes, both mother and child also cannot be saved due to the high pressure.

Midway through my pregnancy, I changed ob-gynae because the one caring for me was too insensitive to my worries. I got myself Dr. Shankar. He looks like a Bollywood star. šŸ˜› Dr. Shankar gave me a standing order to go to the hospital anytime I want to monitor the baby’s progress. So, I went to the hospital three times a week to strap myself to that blardy big belt watchacallit machine that trace the baby’s heart beat and movement.

You can say it is God’s prompting….on 27th February, 2003, I went to get myself checked in the evening. I do not feel sick or anything and I also had also measured my own blood pressure at home. After the thing was done, I was about to go home. Normally, they don’t measure my BP because I already did it at home, three hourly. Yeah, I am paranoid.

But I suddenly requested for a BP check. Until now, I do not know why I did that. And the nurse found out that my BP was 170/140. Normal person would have died already. Regular readings are around 120/80. So, they called Dr. Shankar immediately and I was given some med to put under my tongue and ordered to lie down without movement.

So, a c-sec was ordered the next day….

(continue next post lah, very drama wan)

24 thoughts on “Matthew – Gift of the Lord

  1. Happy birthday Matthew! big boy de!! šŸ™‚

    suspense! can’t wait for next post..
    But the Lord was surely watching over you.. HE works in mysterious ways..

    May God continue to keep and bless you Lilian!

  2. Happy Birthday, li’l cute and handsome boy! Kesian him la his Mommy kacau him enjoying the yummy looking Cars cake.. haha.. smart boy u got there..

  3. Hey!!!!!!! Matthew!!! Happy Birthday to yoU!!!!! ^^ Hey!!! My advice to u is when you grow up, remember that your mommy is super duper cool to have u featured so that EVERYONE can see u!!! Give her a *muax* !
    And also to Ms Lillian, I really respect you a lot! Your son is child is very lucky to have u as his mom! šŸ˜€
    *tears in my eyes*
    Happy Birthday Matthew and congrats to you Ms Lillian for having sucha wonderful gift! šŸ™‚

  4. Happy birthday to you Matthew šŸ™‚

    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!

    (Eh, when is the song going to end?)

  5. Happy Birthday, Matthew and may God continue to shower His blessings upon u, Lilian. I checked the book of saints’ names and found that Theodore means “God’s gift” and so I named my daughter Theodora…for whom I am eternally grateful to the Lord that He has blessed me, though most undeserving. Praise the Lord!

  6. Happy Birthday to Matthew… Another year older… but still as cute… šŸ˜‰

    Aunty Lilian, gong hei nei… for having so many cute adorable sons.. šŸ˜›

    Can’t wait to read part 2 of your post.. šŸ˜›

  7. happi burpday matthew!

    i’m glad you hung on and went thru it quite well. cant wait for the next part, make me sibeh kan chiong only :p

  8. WHOA!!! Auntie, me so suspense reading and then suddenly u said continue next post…potong stim only…Hahahahah!!!!

    By the way, Happy Birthday to Matthew!!!

    Oh, and you know what, so coincidence leh, my youngest brother also borned premature and he died only 4 days after his birth. I was only 10 at that time. After that mum couldn’t have anymore bro/sis for me…Hahaa!!

  9. Ok la, think you’ve heard this a few times from me already. When you ‘dissapeared’ for that few days from the net, I never thought you would give birth that soon. I only knew you for like a few weeks, itu pun online aje…wish I know every bit of details sooner.

    Anyway, not yet second part I feel like crying already. You’ve gone through so much *wiping tears*

    Ok, don wan to spoil Matthew’s birthday with that.
    Happy birthday to your little one;)

  10. Happy Bday Matthew!!!!
    Stay cute always!
    Be good,dun notty notty… ahhaha

    Faster post la faster la…suspense nia

  11. Happy Birthday Matthew.

    Pre eclampsia is very dangerous indeed.
    I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia when I carried my eldest boy William. Then eclampsia with my 2nd boy Chris.

    It was severe headache that prompted me to check into hospital to deliver them. Till now when pregnant girlfriends ask me if it is painful to go into labour, I don’t have no idea at all.

  12. Happy Birthday Matthew! Lilian, my little Delwin is just 9 days older than him. But Matthew is much ‘kuai’ compare to my little monster.

    I can fully understand what and how you feel. I also have bad time during my pregnancy. High blood pressure lar and diabetic but thank god all this go away after I gave birth. Both my kids give me the same problem. So, when ppl ask me bila mau the 3rd one? I will surely say, choi…………… wat a question.

  13. *hugz* Happy Birthday Matt! May the Lord bless u & family abundantly on this special day šŸ™‚ my xandrea oso just turned 4 last mth. how time flies…

  14. Oh! Happy Birthday Matthew.

    The Lord Bless You Most Bountifully.

    May Matthew grow up in wisdom and stature, and in favour of God and men.

    Bless his daddy and mummy too! šŸ™‚

  15. hai hai baby boy matthew!!! Happy Birthday!!

    [music starts]
    happy birthday to uuuuuu
    happy birthday to uuuuu
    happy birthday to MATTHEW!!!
    happy birthday to u..
    May God BLess u!!!
    be a good boy n love mummy n daddy n sibling …heheh

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