The birth story, not

Actually there is no part two. I just added it yesterday because I got too teary eye to continue. Never knew that you guys fall for that ….to be continue part….

But never mind, let’s change tone a bit today. Today is humour, ok?

So, I have this very trusting doctor/patient’s mother relationship with Dr. C. We often talked about things and yeah, I know more than others because of that. Therefore,when I was scheduled for elective caesarean surgery, I asked from Dr. Az. He is this handsome looking, Malay anesthetist with misai. I had been eyeing him in the ICU a few months back when I was taking care of Vincent. BTW, the ICU is full of good looking doctors in their surgeries garb because they need to check on those patients recovering from their surgeries.

To explain, I only have two options back then. Either I faced those dying patients day in day out for two months and go kill myself in the process due to desperation or I divert my attentions to the doctors and giggled with the nurses over who is more handsome as such. So, now that I have a chance to pick Dr. Az, I picked him over an old, fatherly Chinese and an old fatherly Indian doctor. They have 3 anesthetists there. He is reputable to provide the best spinal block. I.e. to numb me waist down to perform the operation.

But awwww….Dr. Az was on holiday. There goes my chance to show him how marvellous my BM is. Kita tak ada jodoh lah. Hahaha. Anyway, it is one the Chinese one who took care of me. You see, he is so fatherly, I can’t even remember his name anymore. And I will tell you why I am glad.

You see, when we have to go for operation, they will take off every piece of our garments and replace them with their surgery clothes. So, yeah, go imagine being 36 weeks pregnant and naked on the cold, glass operating table, sitting up, bending so that Dr. Forgethisname could jab me with the meds on my spine. Lucky it wasn’t Dr. Az or hell, I will be dead kekok/feel weird.

I know doctors don’t see us as a person? So, even if you put Paris Hilton naked on the table, they only see the parts where they are supposed to treat. But we patients don’t always go around naked, though covered somewhat, but still naked, in front of so many strangers. So, it is still awkward.

Then, after the numbing effect took place, I couldn’t feel my legs and etc but I can still feel weird. Because then, my handsome

ob-gyn and even more handsome Dr. C (hehehe, dun believe my words) had to be there. One to cut me open, one to receive Matthew because he was prematured. (babies under 36 weeks are considered premature and needs special attention at birth).

They covered so many warming blankets on me because the meds made me shiver I don’t even know if my body is still around because of the numbness. They also put a little table on my chest to place those knives and scissors. So, until today, I still wonder if they did covered everything except the place where Dr. S need to do the incision. I believe so. Otherwise, OMG, that is like so pai seh, the glory being shown to the whole world like that.

Well, the whole episode was frightening to me because I didn’t know how Matthew will turn out. Dr. C came to my side and talked to me. Dr. Anti-pain actually sat down and hold my hands! His palm was warm, fat and very assuring. My godma, the matron in there keep telling me everything is fine. And I have one nurse just station right above my head, holding it and kept asking if I am ok. If at other time, I probably asked for a handsome, imported from India, male nurse. Hehehe, but I was totally freaked out.

So, after like a whole herd of elephants walked on my belly, i.e. Dr. Shankar’s pushing the baby out, Matthew came out screaming. Screamed so much, Dr. C got impatient with him and told him, ok,ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok,ok. And that’s a whole load off my chest because Matthew was born 3.1KG which is a big baby for a 36 weeker.


(Five days old)

And the rest is just pure, smooth sailing. Thanks for all the wishes, btw.

15 thoughts on “The birth story, not

  1. for women its quite ok to be naked infront of the doctors but for men ah…aiyo…men got this shrinkage problem wor! damn paiseh leh, ego small like little worm!

  2. good one Lilian! šŸ™‚
    aiyo.. got suckered in for Pt.2.

    but I do understand the change in ‘mood’. if we continued to be sad, we’d either end up killing ourselves or get committed into Tmn Bahagia. Aiyo!

    Matthew is a testimony of your strength and positive outlook. Your husband and other sons needed you to be.

    one thing tho.. your description of childbirth.. scary! *legs shaking, body shivering, teeth clattering*

  3. Aiyoh, my tears start to roll down without realising liau. This is true har….. I am so touched and so proud of you. Last time when ppl tell me I don’t have much feeling but now, I can fully understand already coz I am a mum. You are a great mum!!!

  4. Do they still use HUGE STAPLE BULLETS to staple the incision on your tummy? When my Mum gave birth to me via C-sec 25 years ago, they used those horribly HUGE BULLETS. My Mum kept a few and showed me not too long ago.


  5. which woman doesn’t like cute doctors? *drools* esp the ones like dr. derek shepard from grey’s anatomy, LOL.

    love ur cheeky looking #3 btw!

  6. A very touching story.

    For me, I’m a little scared by the idea of me giving birth. They always describe it being painful. That really freaks me out.

    Plus having a child is forever, once you have one, there is no turning back. Everything I do and say will effect the child. I am responsible for my child’s upbringing.

    Perhaps in time I could be more open. Not to say that I dont want kids, I do. But its such a big responsibility. I dont feel mentally ready to do that.

  7. Good la matthew….screaming on his way into the big bad world! Nothing makes a mum happier than a screaming newborn!!!!!!!! I think that was the only sound I was desperately waiting to hear! HA HA HA!!!

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