Meeting Jolene

You know, if I didn’t see Jolene‘s name on the list at the Penang Bloggers gathering, I will probably not dare to go because of the huge age differences. I don’t want to go and then, adoi, all the other teenage bloggers suddenly sit down tiam-tiam and dare not even make any talks. You know…like when your sharp eyes grandma sitting down and stare at you?

So, when I saw her name, I changed my mind and registered my interest. You see, I know Jolene way back when she was like 17 years old. I picked up her first mention of me in my blog stats and found that this silly girl (in a nice way) cried her eyes out after reading some parts of my blog. From then, I always kepoh about her though I don’t always read her blog, I was there when I think she needs an ear or something. I had seen her leaving school, going to NS, going to become a dentist, her grandparents passed away within short period and the time when some other girl blogger and her gang bitched about Jolene. So, yeah, that’s how long I know Joleen.

Jolene is one of the most favourited blogger in Malaysia because there is nothing fakey about her. Everybody loves Jolene. And I love her too cos she said

When 5xmom arrived, you could feel the excitement in the air. She’s so much younger looking in real life! And then after exchanging a few pleasantries with her(after knowing her through blogs for almost three years now), she handed me an angpow!(and a rather generous amount was inside too! Apparently the angpow money are all from blogging!)

Pai seh man! And she handed out angpows to everybody!



And I found that in real life Jolene is a rather reserved girl too. I expected a much louder, siao-er Jolene but she is just so sweet and nice. I had wanted to give her a big hug when I met her but I was afraid, later everyone thinks that’s how I greet people. LOL. So, yeah, meeting Jolene was great. A three year blog acquaintance, big age different (I am as old as her mother) and yet, we are part of the blog world.

So, now tell me, if you are going the Together Gather, don’t you already feel the excitement what meeting each other will be like? BTW, the places are full and I am trying to pester Wingz to find a solution to admit people at different prices. Our first 100 was heavily sponsored by PIKOM. I hope to see more of you there! Then, I have blog posts to last a whole year…Meeting Ah Pek, Meeting Helen, Meeting Simon, Meeting James, Meeting…..arrgghh…. I am as excited as a kid going to her first party.

11 thoughts on “Meeting Jolene

  1. decypher – Haiyor…yahor.

    terence – OK, lah, I courier one 20 cents one for you, you pay into my PayPal four packets ok?

  2. aiyo…so excites la!!!!!

    I got the last 2 seats!!!! HURRAYYY!!!!

    Now..i so many femes bloggers leh!

  3. simon – Nyekkk…Chap Goh Meh is this Sunday, gathering next Friday mah? So I am saved.

    mott – yeah, look forward to see you!

  4. Hahaha………. so you are the bloggers ‘choi sun yeh’ this year? So, you story more when you come back from kl har? If can, I also want to follow you there. Go and hoi ngan kong mah. Me a little bit sakai mah……

  5. erina – Come come, they give free durex, I hear. LOL. But you taukeh soh, hard to cabut and come oso lah hor.

  6. eh! i warn u first ah..when we do meet in the future i am going to give u a big bear hug plus 2 wet sloppy kisses on both cheeks! so u wait ah!

  7. After a few posts of yours advertising about the party, my backside started feeling itchy and told husband about leaving the kids with him for a weekend to go. But…MIL birthday and whole mafia gang coming to Penang to celebrate…char tou!!

  8. hahahah OMG a whole entry dedicated to me..:D

    lol i wish you can see the crazy side of me but that takes 6 months to know me in real life la..:)

    so sweet your post, made me so warm inside.hahah…i can’t believe you remembered me crying about ur blog posts!! *shy*

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