No reason to be apologetic

You know what I hate? I hate people apologising. It is like so lame and so cliche. I am not referring to the ‘accidentally bumped into someone’s breasts or spilled coffee’ kind of cases where you really accidentally did something and it is naturally to spew ‘sorry,sorry, sorry’.

But bloggers are damn fakey when they start apologising, Sorry for the increased of number of sponsored posts on my blog. I did that too. Yeah, I do not like to load my personal blog with paid posts. But this site do get kickass amount sometimes and you will be stupid to think that I will let few hundred Ringgit Malaysia to pass by just because I want to keep my readers happy. Or like those buggers in the US of A, to keep integrity. These buggers are earning millions of USD not just by blogging because they are speakers, consultant and businessmen. So they can afford to talk cock.

Take for example David Berkowitz and the Golden Donkey. You know what he said?

Some defenders of PayPerPost claim that their model is no different than other forms of advertising. A perfect parallel is hard to find, so this may be a straw-man argument. One somewhat related model is in radio, where hosts will shill a product themselves on behalf of the good folks at the advertiser being promoted. You won’t find such advertising in The New York Times, or embedded in a Fareed Zakaria column in Newsweek. For similar reasons, it shouldn’t be on a blog.

Far-Q, Davidwathisname, Seriously? New York Times and Newsweek? Get real. The blogsphere is made up of millions of bloggers and these are the ones that will move mountains (= sales, $$$, promotion). Like it or not, we will be the driving force. You can stay in your lofty portal and continue to look down on people like us who made money through paid posts. That will not change anything because we are here to stay. Our force is bigger than yours. Because there are millions of us and only handful of people like you, Jason Calacanis, Jeff Jarvis and Michael Arrington whom are like Ted describe:

Those guys have been blabbing on about PayPerPost and our bloggers while at the same time collecting fat paychecks from the direct or indirect income their blog generates.

(my Mother Goose story on PayPerPost vs. the rest of the world, a paid video I made a long time ago)

Nyek….it is nice to diss big boys just because I have a blog. Bah! *show tongue* Heh, they do not know I exist anyway.

And bloggers, let’s stop being apologetic over our paid posts. We have the option.

Stop writing paid posts.

Or keep doing it and lose our readers. There is no way to balance it. Apologies or not, that’s the fact. I wrote 15 paid posts last night and in order to get 15, I had to do another 15 more fillers. Which is 30 posts within a few hours. Spread out over a secret number of blogs,seen and unseen.

So bye-bye, dear readers. I will miss you all! But I am not going to be apologetic about it.

*did you say you want disclosure? nah! I made USD1,581.88 in February and USD185 last night*

Hey, 8188 or 1581 is a nice number. Go taruh!

15 thoughts on “No reason to be apologetic

  1. Err, it’s your blog and it’s your choice, besides your entries are interesting enough to make the readers come back for more even if they find the sponsored post and links irritable.

    You tell it to their face 5Xmom!!

  2. AhPek – But I need Wonderbra, costs like RM400 per pair and not pasar malam RM10 for 3, ok?

    Jessica – Tks, they get annoying misquoting the same thing. Many times, they misquote without finding out facts.

  3. Oh, my, I am jealous on the amount. Some more Bee-Kim. US$$$$. Back to the issue, I think those MSM just want to distract people over the real issue. Here is my take

    “What worried the mainstream media are not how “journalistic” the blogger become, but the trend create from original content and neutral advertiser such as Google.”

    For example, no mainstream media dare to write a neutral reports on pits and trap of investment funds, since the financial institution are their biggest pay master. However, with alternative media/medium, blogger and online writers can publish such opinion without worry about “pay cut” from the advertiser, since the pay master has little control over advertiser. You cannot simply chunk junks advertisement to the online user.


    IMHO, it is matter of “intelligent” PPP writing. 5xmom PPP is quite pleasant to read. 🙂

  4. Well, since I started doing PayPerPost, the traffic to my blog has increased. I’ve started thinking more about what I post and I seriously think it has helped my blogging power.

    Oh .. and i have 3 blogs now instead of 1 😉

  5. owen – bring on the competition and see you at the top. LOL. And cheers to PR6 quest.

    wahlau – domains, subdomains of good PR domain and niche, doesn’t matter what niche, even if it is just about your leaky pipe. Serious.

    samm – Hi-5

    moo_t – Coming from you (very discerning reader) thank you. Sometimes, I don’t mean to take the post wan but when I hit the button, only this blog qualifies and I ended up putting more than I wanted.

  6. I just started using PPP a couple of days ago. I try to keep it original and apply to myself so that it doesn’t deviate from my initial intention of blogging.

  7. Wow, you took the words right off my finger tips lol. “So bye-bye, dear readers. I will miss you all! But I am not going to be apologetic about it.”

    I could care less about pleasing strangers, they can whine and complain all they want. I’m not here to provide entertainment and services. Congrats on that big hunk of moolah!

  8. I find that traffic has dropped considerably ever since I bombarded my blog with paid posts. So, that’s why I am seriously considering dot.comming for a serious blog (with no paid posts) 😉

    Thing is…do I have the time???

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