Some family pics


So it was the little boy’s birthday yesterday and we went to Gurney. I am not giving the place we eat the publicity because they (or their patrons, wateva) flamed me for giving them not so pretty review the last time I was there. Blek.


The eldest with the girlfriend.


This is the #2 going to the Together Gather Bloggers meet so can see his face lah. But hor, he dem expert in taking ugly pictures of people so you all better stay out of his camera’s range. He said he is going to post my ugly photos on his Kamikaze-Skateboard blog unless I pay him $XXX amount. Nah, now, I posted his photo so he cannot go to the Together Gather and tell people, “No no no, I don’t know any 5xmom wan…that woman a bit sot sot wan.”


The #3. He took my DSLR and my #2 use his Pentax and both of them have a competition of ‘Let’s see who can take the ugliest photos of mom.”


Cilakak mia bebudak made me laughed till can cry. Read MyMomsBest on Jokes my teens made at my expenses.


And finally, the biggest butt contest. Don’t you wish your butt is big like mine? Don’t you? Don’t you? (go read some bugger accused me of no taste in art and telling bad joke. niamah, you own the place or what ah?)

10 thoughts on “Some family pics

  1. flsam – Good lah, come, Wingz sure happy wan.

    WMD – Haih..what to do…used to it liao.

    azhan – Their food so so lah but the place is nice.

    erina – Yahor, one so big liao, one still so small. Nice ler.

    mott – Wuah..tenkiu! Looking forward to it very much.

  2. terence – Ah Boh? See? Got lotsa girls stick to them wan.

    Starwing – Tenkiu.

    suituapui – Somemore need to ask meh? Nay….proven by the 5xmom wor.

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