My lunch, what’s yours?

Rant first – Niaseng betul, I notice so many p0rn sites are linking to me. Sial betul, you think my blog fits your category issit? The frustrating thing is I cannot see where this site is linked on their sites and yet, I found them tracking back to me. And what’s worse, got Bahasa Malaysia sites too. Eh, anak harrraamm….sini takde gambar lucah Siti Nurhaliza lah!


So, that was my lunch. What’s yours?

And kids, don’t try this at home, ok? It will kill your laptop if you spill the coffee on the keyboard. It will kill you if you don’t take balanced nutritious, full of fibre, full of vitamins, full of watevacraps meals. Bad for health.

8 thoughts on “My lunch, what’s yours?

  1. Niaseng! So early ate lunch ar? I am going to have MEAT MEAT MEAT for lunch. What else. *LOL*

  2. my lunch your morning coffee break time was leftover of son’s one spoonful of indomie mee goreng and scraps of fishball. your lunch my teatime now is my fave mcD’s berry nice yoghurt bought on the way to pick him up from pre=school. have a nice day!

  3. sweetpea – Oh my, what delicious lunch you have! LOL. So is mine.

    terence – Eh, go eat pak chook with pickled lettuce and sleep lah. Somemore wanna read blog wor.

  4. ah pek, susah to please mankind ya? too thin say hugging stick, no flesh. too fat hubby got excuse to find yee lai. apa maciam? but today only lar. i love food too much. just had rogan josh mutton for dinner.. sllluurppp.

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