Nuffnang is going for world domination

Nuffnang. What a funny name. But they are going to take over the world. Be afraid assesense, be very afraid. I have just kicked out assesense square slot and put in nuffnang.

Why? Because I can. Because Timothy Tiah very handsome. Or maybe because I just like to see how influential I am. Remember, I am Malaysia 50 Most Influential Bloggers. And if you think I am serious, then, you are stupid. I am only joking, ok? We bloggers are egomaniacs.

Anyway, on a serious side, I knew about nuffnang’s conception sometime back. I don’t know who told Timothy that I am very bitchy woman and very garang. He wrote to me anyway ‘cos some people told him my secrets that I earned USD12K per month from blogging.

You probably have never heard of me before so let me tell you a little bit about myself. I would consider myself relatively new to the blogging world. I started blogging at the end of 2005 as a student with a blog (which I’m not very proud of) called Leng Mou. A blog that I eventually closed down shortly after I graduated only to start a more personal quiet blog.

And when I replied his email, he went….

Hey Lilian,

I can’t believe what a nice person you are over e-mail.

I’ve heard plenty about you from my fellow Penangites and even from Wingz but never imagined that you’re soooo nice.

So, tiu lor….who go around and say I am very bitchy and garang, wei? Don’t spoil my reputation, can ah?

After a few emails where I shared what works and what don’t for me, we got the chance to meet up at Starbucks the other day.


Ini taukeh nuffnang, Timothy Tiah in white shirt, with a black mole near his mouth. And the other one is taukeh webhost, Bryan with a set of very white teeth. Girlsssss…Both oso still single (I think), both oso Penang lang, both oso going to the Together Gather Bloggers Gathering, so if you haven’t signed up, go and beg Wingz for a place now. Show your boobs or something and Wingz can find the lubang for you. Don’t miss the chance! Faster-faster. Ada dua taukehs, you know.

Now that I signed up with nuffnang, why aren’t you? Go on, get yourself one of the cute banner and proudly display it. They are in beta stage so stopped imagining getting millions of ringgit. Wake up, wei. We may not see the money coming in so fast. But if we support this Malaysian grown company, then, we can all kick assesense in the asses. Timothy’s nuffnang partner is a Singaporean and they will be launching there too.

Repeat after me…nuffnang nuffnang nuffnang nuffnang nuffnang
(my more serious post on Make$ Money$)

10 thoughts on “Nuffnang is going for world domination

  1. Aiyo ! so many ppl invite me but i still havent sign up la!

    Anyway ..LILIAN..i LAp u..that’s why i TAGGGED U!

    Muaks Muak!

  2. Hehe,
    5xmom garang? LOL but bitchy maybe yes lor…if not where got people own blog ryte?

  3. dylan – Wuah…bitchy ah? Like that I cancel ticket you baru tau. Eh, you keep in contact with together committee and make the arrangements ok? I have paid for it. Now…dare to say bitchy again? Hhmmmmm…

    gaban – Dun come near me ok? Stay far far away. I bite.

    cedric – Yay, I got sapoter liao!

    clare – Good luck.

    Bryan – Apararu, like dat oso can lupa kah, taukeh?

    Boss Stewie – Sorry hor, I typed wrongly again, Mr. Tiah.

    sasha – I malas to read the small prints so I don’t even know what the iPod contest is about.

    shooi – I signed up long time liao but got yr mail and remember to blog it here. I got so many blogs, I add until lazy.

  4. you do look garang in pictures or maybe it is just my eyes. ^^

    and bitchy? every is a bitch nowadays. yes, even some guys. ngiahaha. kan? kan? kan?

  5. Nola, don’t get me wrong…bitchy as in, ranting else we all sure don’t rant right?

    Owh means I have to go la, okok I keep in touch with the committee..thx yea

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