Honda CRV, anyone?

We are desperately car hunting because my atm has to return his car back to the company. Originally, we thought of buying over the car but after the flood, we cannot take it anymore because my poor atm got severe cough which we suspect could be due to the moisture and mold. He had changed with an expat’s Perdana but this car jingle and jangle.

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So, we need a car like, right now? We went to see a couple of Honda CRVs.

Year 2005 – single owner, original paint, still 1.5 year of warranty, mileage 30K KM : RM99K (quoted price)

Year 2003 – single owner, original paint, mileage 60K KM, price : RM85K

Someone has placed a deposit for car A but they have yet to get the loan. So, we hope to grab it and lower down to RM95K. The selling price was RM140K.

No intention of buying a new car ‘cos we don’t know what the future holds for us. It is very rugi to buy new ones because the price drop like siao.

Since I can’t find my Ah Beng because he temporarily ‘rosak buat sementara’, anyone got any feedbacks on Honda CRV?

Why CRV and not other car? ‘Cos we like Honda. Don’t argue. I love Honda.

(and mr beng, don’t rub it in with ‘you shud have gotten the Accord or BMW. Men, I cannot understand them. Lohs! They are like that wan lor.)

11 thoughts on “Honda CRV, anyone?

  1. I like CRV too, especially the year 2003-2005 model looks cool compared to the recently launched model.

  2. All penangites love HONDA cars! that’s the fact, dont argue. and it shall never be a question, but always a statement, right? without Penangites, HONDA would not survive in Malaysia hahahah high 5!

    CRV is a powerful car, but quite high in fuel consumption leh, i think.

  3. Ayam back! Ask and you shall be enlighten.

    Email me for details. I have 6 Hondas in my household. 7th coming next week. Wait after the 8th b4 buying. New CRV model. Used models prices might drop.

  4. My colleague who owns a CRV is complaining the fuel consumption… if you are worried of this kind of things, you might want to think twice, else, Honda is always a good choice… anytime…

  5. kew – Hehehe, our Naza Ria drink even more. Ya, I love Honda.

    terence – Is this a Loh thing? Like in Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew? Ok lah, I wait till March 8th…

    Bryan – LOL, what language you use ah?

    kampungkai – How come you know wan? Cos Loh Boon Siew from Penang mah.

    wuching – Yay, will you give me a ride on your Honda when I get to OZ?

    Dylan – Really?

    Starwing – Tks.

  6. My dad is a freelance used car dealer in Penang, and he might be able to help you buy your target car at the price you’re looking for. Let me know if you want to discuss with my dad.

  7. Lilian, I love Honda too! *high fives* My dad drives a CRV, bought some time in 2004. I look forward to driving the CRV everytime I balik kampung. Nothing like driving a 4WD, kan?

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