Liberation in the form of 3.5 inches

This is inspired by Marina’s post on how to be pretty or at least try to be. She showed a video of her transformation from regular Rinaz to beautiful Rinaz. So, I thought, why not do something similar? Of course, I am not as bold as her. I wouldn’t dare to even watch my own video. If I see myself in videos, I will quickly turn away. Like those on display at electronic shops? Fast fast look away.

Mine is in the form of 3.5 inches. Nay…..not 3.5 inches dildo lah tiu. That will be too short wokay. Duh!

Anyway, I am pretty sure many of the mommies here can relate to me. Once the kids start coming in, the stilettos have to to stay in the shoe cabinets and grow mold. My dozen of heels did just that. The leather hardened, the suede grow mold, the heels cracked….sad, very sad. In the end….after so many years, they have to go because my feet had grown from size five to size seven.

High heels and full-time moms do not match, just like chalk and cheese. Until….until….the day when I realised that I now no longer need to carry a baby. Mine is four and can pretty walk on his own. Hallelujah! Merdeka! Freedom!

So, I started hitting the shoe stores and trying out the heels. It is orgasmic, I tell you. Especially when the shoes are RM599 and I know I am not going to buy them.

But I buy heels anyway. Eventhough I can’t wear them when I am with the hubby ‘cos he is already shorter than me, I still want to know that I can still walk with heels.

Who cares…I can still wear it when I go out alone. I just want the thrill of walking on heels. You have to balance on four inches heels to feel like a woman. Try it. Used to wear that in the office last time.


I haven’t reach four inches yet. My first pair, after 8 years of drought of no heels, was 2.75 inches. The next pair is 3.5 inches or 11cm. Gee, there is nothing like walking at 5 feet 9.5 inches. The air seems fresher up there. LOL. The view seems more beautiful. Nyek. Short men go play far far. *slaps self* I’m lovin’ it!


And guess what?

My curious middle sons who have never seen me in heels (cos I usually wore it out without them) tried them on and said….”Mom, how can you wear these? They are like spikes!”

And I replied, “Now you know…we girls are….. (I meant to say ‘we girls are fantastic because we can balance)

But my eldest son came out and boomed his voice, “Now only you know…girls are so dumb including your mother.”

So, ladies….who wants to take up this challenge? Go write something about ‘feeling pretty/good/beautiful/wateva’ that makes you are glad you are a woman.

16 thoughts on “Liberation in the form of 3.5 inches

  1. heels always make us girls/ladies/women feel good and confident about themselves but it drives men crazy thinking what the heck they are doing hurting their back bones?

    hohoho. but who cares! right? heels are always heels. woot!

    i want to the challenge! haha.

  2. pinks – Tes, do that and remember to send a trackback here ya!

    Azhan – Aiks I forget to mention itu bukan kaki saya.

    erin – Yalor, i baru notice. My son measured wan and told me.

  3. heeee…

    what a coincidence!! i just bought new heels that measure around 2 and a half inches. my previous ‘high heels’ record is 2 inches only. yeah… makes one appear slimmer… hehehehe…

    … although i don’t think i’ll be going for 3 inches, lah. even without heels i’m the same height as my male friends, some more wear heels tower over them…

  4. Wow, thanks for the link-up lilian *feels honoured* Hehehe!

    I love love love shoes too. Like you, I buy stilletoes but in my line of work, its not very practical so in the end, I dont wear them and let them lie in their boxes in my shelf.

    But I think stilletoes are super sexy. I do love how it eccentuates our womanly curvature and our womanly gait.

    Ooo laa laa!

  5. 5 feet 9.5 inches only ah? I look you no up.

    I am blessed to be in the 6 footer’s club. *dancing banana*

  6. The amount of force that is at the heels when it hits the floor is enormous due to the small area size of the heels (remember learning it in high school physics)

    What I am trying to say is, imagine someone stepping you with the heels…can die but then one can never understand ladies and friend has 10pairs and still counting.

  7. such glam shoes you have there!
    my highest heel is also around 3 inches. I bought it for my wedding. Ppl say for your wedding, get high high heels cause you look slimmer etc etc…
    By the end of my wedding day, my legs wanna patah….

  8. High heel, a toy let woman be a ballerina minus the training. :p As a guy, I don’t mine watching. šŸ™‚

  9. gaban – Just you wait, I wear platform and become 6′ 1″

    moo_t – that’s the purpose of the heel lor, for you guys entertainment and our own balancing act

    iNsuN – I love shoes but had to forego them when the kids were growing up. Now, no need to chase little toddlers so can afford to splurge again.

    dylan – Hahaha, like the cikgu who uses it to smack the head of the students

    erina – Yalor, when working time can lar, sexyturkey no need to walk much wan, only enough to make the investors/suppliers/potential clients/bankers berng-berng enough liao. Hahaha.

    terence – Say me somemore lah, nanti MC few more days baru tau.

    sasha – Go, go, go, glad this sparks some passion in us women. Wear to the together bloggers gathering?

    marina – Yeah, the butt also feel uplifted with it. Hahaha.

    zyrin – I don’t know about the slimmer part but I guess it is sort of stretch longer so looks thinnner.

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