Missing home

Heh, that’s right! My kids are playing a games of gin rummy with the cousins. The hubby too. So, what do I do when there is no space for me to tumpang one kaki for the gin rummy? This is not just any lame cards but mahjong tiles type of gin rummy.

We are at my sister’s place, after watching Eragon on my brother-in-law new kickass 10K LCD 40 inch TV. Fuwah, 10K! I told my kids, don’t even think of moving or throwing anything. If you break it, your papa has to sell the car to Ee Ee because that’s how much the TV costs. The price of our beat up Perdana.

Haih…since everyone has something to do, except me….guess what I am doing?

3 thoughts on “Missing home

  1. wah.. how old r ur kids? i got play gin rummy oso.. my frens came over my hs during the cny.. and now most of dem r addicted liao. haha..

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