Some Chap Goh Meh and pengat


I just realised that from eve of Chinese New Year until the fifteenth day, today (or yesterday evening) is the only time I have been to church. Either I was away or I had ponteng-ed. 😛

Anyway, I brought along my DSLR and managed to take these photos before the team from the Chinese Apostalates (sp?) came to take down all the red lanterns and giant banners. From one celebration to another, I can see the community coming together. First it was Christmas and barely were the decoarations taken down, the red lanterns went up. Now, they have to remove them faster because this is the season of Lent when every place is meant to be sombre. There isn’t suppose to be any flowers there too.


Trying to get some perspective pic but hmmm…our floor tiles look rather sad.


This is the station of the cross and during Lent, on every Fridays, we have the station of the cross. But I like this red paper cuttings. Not sure what it says but it looks very delicate.


What does this says?


And this is the pengat my eldest sister cooked. She was bringing it to make as offerings for my mother and father at the Phor Tay temple, so she popped by my place with a container of them. Yummm…..


So, happy Chap Goh Meh. And oh, go over to for his lucky number.

3 thoughts on “Some Chap Goh Meh and pengat

  1. Happy Chap Goh Mei!

    Seldom see churches decorate for Chinese New Year here in KL… and the pengat looks really colorfu 😀

  2. 主内纳福
    “joo nei na foo” (read from right to left, top to bottom)
    主 means Jesus or God
    内 means within
    纳 means beget, receive
    福 actually means prosperity, but in the case, it means blessing and ‘幸福hang fook’ (cantonese)

    Thanks for sharing this Lilian! Its good to know that there is still the room for culture and tradition although in a religious setting. I think its great!

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