I am in love with a Vaio and Mac, whom shall I choose?


How to resist this pink babe? There are baby blue, lime green, cool gray and white too. Come with Windows Vista. Model VGN 25G. Around RM5K. I don’t care what they say about Windows Vista lah. I want, want, want.


Sui boh? Sui hor? Goes with my pink chair. I know I am two decades too late for pink but who cares lah. If I got the money to buy, I buy what karer oso no one’s business, right? The only not so great about Vaio is the sound cos the speaker cacat a bit wan (compared to MacBook) and the what-what is only 1.6GHz

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5500 (1.66 GHz)

And after twiddling with that, we went over to see the MacBook. Also sui but that one a bit difficult lah cos the same price, I get only one model MA700 which does not come with separate graphic card. The comparable with the Vaio is around RM8K.

Also seen the Toshiba Protege. Also nice. Other models in consideration is HP Pavillion.


This one is my nephew’s IBM Thinkpad Tablet my kids were playing with. Chialat lor, they treat it like a Magna Doodle Magnetic drawing pad like that. LOL. And my Acer sudah kena until want to koyak with my kids. The touch pad is koyak, the speaker is breaking but I cannot go without a laptop so it didn’t go to the shop yet. Solution? Get another one!

(photos of Vaio taken from Sony Style)

OMG, I don’t know what to choose. My atm is in a generous mood so I must fast-fast pick one model around RM5K. I want only 12 or 13 inches.

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  1. either of them is a good choice and since you’re a blogger, either of the systems WORKS too since you need not consider a lot of other “enterprise’s issues”.

    so i guess tough choice but heck, if a mac fanboi drop by, you will definitely hear the “Get-a;-mac” chant!

  2. chapree – That’s what I am worried. I share Excel and Powerpoint documents with other Windows users so I don’t want compatability issues with a Mac. Plus I hate the thought of learning new stuffs with all the different icons and left and ride sidebars. LOL.

    mossie – I don’t want too high performance so that my kids won’t abuse it like they did with my Acer. They used my Acer for games until koyak.

  3. the two model specs comparable mah (except, IMO, for maybe the lack of video cam on the VAIO)… so if u want to talk about games, get your kids a desktop lah then they can play all the games they want… laptop just ain’t that great for games no matter how you look at it. further, gaming on 12″??? you must be kidding! *pun intended*

    anyway, as for learning left n right, you would be surprise how easy it is to feel right at home on a Mac! i know cause i’ve hands on with a mac for quite some time (though I do not own one yet)! but seriously, if you got the budget, either of them is a good choice. it just depends on how you are going to use the laptop for since both system can accomplish the same results!

    my two cents (that didn’t seem to help you make a decision)

  4. That pink one is absolutely delicious! why i say this? coz i got one lar, haha! faster go buy, wont regret one. That Vista can go die lar, XP still can use, so fast release new version. wait for the chap ayam stable first, then we upgrade.

  5. Mac is cool but the software compatibility is an issue (although on newer mac books you can run windows XP as a secondary OS…which is good; because you cant run Apple OS on windows machine)

    That out of the way, the Sony rocks la…and don’t use notebook internal speaker to listen to music la..invest in good speakers or headphones.

  6. i like green, i like 13″, i like the price, i like everything abt it. the rest, i dont k. I LIKE!!! BUY!!! BUY!!! BUY!!!

  7. With Vista, you are going to learn new things as well. Those new features and getting used to several things that’s not in XP. I spent 1 full minute looking for My Computer in Vista and paiseh, it’s no longer My Computer there. It’s now “Computer”. LOL.

    Well, at least Office would not change much. There’s Office for Mac as well. I do agree with Mossie that both can achieve the same result but still, IMHO, PC stood better in the long run.

  8. Eyew…pink!! So gay lah the colour!! Aiya, Lilian!!! These kids, yunno lah! Like demolition squad! We work hard, save half dead…to buy and then, sayang2 use!!! The moment they lay their hands on it, habis cerita!!! Too “ho mia”, kids these days! Dunno how to treasure and cherish!! Only know how to buy new one! And poor papa have to pay!!!

  9. All Macbook are pretty thin compare machine in the same class. Except it is pricey, because Apple bundle lots of software with it.

    little chili : Dell XPS M1210. The only 12″ notebook computer with dedicated graphic adapter. 2KG, it is the heaviest subnotebook.

    HP Compaq NC class(NC2400,4400) : light and affordable 🙂 HP Pavilion class : light but more expensive. Comparable to Lenova.

    Lenova : light and slightly more expensive, but usual IBM buildup mean it is the tougher within the same class (with exception of rugged build notebook).

    Sony/Fujitsu : Good looking gadgets. Handle with care.
    NOT suitable for family usage.

    Acer : As usual. Too many selection to confuse you.

    Avoid tablet PC. Avoid Vista. 🙂

  10. Aiya Lilian …. three weeks ago .. we(hubby and I) lost (got stolen … long story) …. 1 biji dell inspiron 6000 … 1 biji vaio c series (hardly 1 week old .. dok bau kedai lagi … silver colour) and 1 biji Mac iBook .. very heartache one … All Amira’s photos are gone .. all my work … they oso stole my 40GB external hard drive .. 🙁 .. Anyway … to console myself .. I bought a Dell XPS M1210 (am a Dell fan) …ok jugak .. upgrade to 1.83GHz and tambah web cam … total rm4731 .. hubby got himself a Sony Vaio SZ34GP ..pretty cool machine……. So, in short, if it hadn’t been for the thieves .. I would have been stuck with a notebook that had half of it’s keys missing ..courtesy of amira … Thank you, thieves …duh!!!!!!!

  11. Sorry. Not my forte. So cannot help you.

    My notebooks all very dull and one colour only. Black colour. IBM/Lenovo mah.

    Atm bayar? Buy the best money can buy lor!

  12. Haiya Lil, just read this. I’m getting one of those Vaio la. Aiming for VGN-SZ44 the one with 1.83Ghz. What follows of course is a new blog with own domain…can’t wait *jump, jump*

  13. Bought my wife a Vaio, she loves it. But the screen is so small i kid her that she needs a 19 inch flat screen now. Seriously it is one neat piece of equipment and you have access to much more software than with a MAC. But the price…is high…unless you can claim it against taxes 🙂

  14. I’ve got a MacBook. It’s a joy to look at and a no-fuss laptop I take everywhere with me. I’m in love with my Mac. After the trial of having to get familiar with a few keys and learning how to use the applications, I can see now that the command keys are more logically placed and the applications more user-friendly. I grumbled a lot initially because I had been a Microsoft user all my life but I had to free myself from my dependency on Microsoft otherwise I would have a beautiful gift (from my son) just lying in a drawer untouched. It’s a matter of being unafraid to learn through trial and error and it’s easier than I thought and now I can’t live without my Mac. When I found out that the new MacBook could run Microsoft’s Windows and as a creature of habit I quickly installed XP and in no time I had infected Windows with viruses. (A problem I always had with my pc using Microsoft software!) So I’m now keeping to Mac’s OS X as I’ve so far no virus problem with it. Best thing about Mac is people show unspoken respect when they see you have a Mac. You can see it in their eyes that they think of you as someone with discernment and thus not to be meddled with! I see it every time! It’s not a snob effect but a quality effect. If it’s the snob effect people were looking for, or if they needed to impress their father/mother-in-laws, I would suggest Acer’s flashy lucky firecracker-red Ferrari notebook. As for the “I’m a Barbie girl” pink Sony laptop …. I must admit it has the “must-have” immediate effect on nostalgic women but I think in the long run, as a grown-up, you’ll get tired of the color. But then again, someone female and younger in the family would be deliriously happy to inherit it and you could replace it with a quietly discreet and elegantly-designed MacBook when the time comes. Having a Mac is after all about making a statement on what your values are – that you have reached a point in your life when you’ll not settle for anything less in quality, design and simplicity. When you reach that point in your life, you’ll not look at another brand but head straight for the Mac counter. Hope this helps!

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