See what see?


Niamah….Wingz, why my description got -er there leh? Lanjiao betul. So, nah….happy liao? Now, the whole world knows you got big banana liao. You be careful hor, later at the Together Gather Bloggers Gathering, you kena gropped by err….you know…., you don’t regret hor? I cannot help you that time ‘cos I will be too busy arm-luening AhPek.


(click picture to see actual size of Wing’z banana)

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All hail ‘The BIG BANANA’!

5 thoughts on “See what see?

  1. Wah!!! So big banana. See also cabut lar………… LOL. Like that Wingz mah can go into the world of record lor. Not bad har even I cannot take so big banana. Surely there are ladies who love it………. hahahaha

  2. Hey.. that banana is from Coffs Harbour (NSW) Australia… Bigggggg banana indeed 🙂

  3. moo_t – Sei lor, no one comments for the whole day. I think they all jeles of Wing’z banana. LOL.

    Erina – I dunno for real or not, I go spy-spy and come back Penang tell you, ok? LOL.

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