My vegetarian lunch


I was on the MSN with Organicparade, Samm the whole morning learning about eating healthily. Well, for a start, she taught me to add grains into white rice. Currently, I have 25% brown rice mixed with white rice because my children don’t really fancy 100% brown rice. So, now, I have millet added into it as well.


And I make this stir fry vegetables. Blek.

Someone asked, “So many days you on vegetarian, you still blek?”

Of course lah, tiu. Blek today, blek everyday until I get to eat my prawns, crabs, steak, oysters, lala, sotong, panggang stingray….

And you know hor….I pay RM35, other also pay RM35 for the RM100 per head buffet dinner. But I only eat the vegetables. So, I wonder if Wingz and his committee can reimburse me? You say correct or not? I only eat grass, you all eat the cow. Fair what?

12 thoughts on “My vegetarian lunch

  1. Just hopped over to say hi… my first comment on your blog and I must say that I love grains in rice. I only started adding millet, quinoa and buckwheat to my rice when I started cooking for my boy. Nice what…? Can’t say much about veggie diet though… hehehe.

  2. I remembered last time in 2005, u used to write about the tremors of the quake..

    Today, there were 2 quakes happening at exactly the same place. Just 2 hours different from each other which was at 1149 and 1349 of march 6 2007.

    Both quakes magnitude recorded at 6.3 and 6.1 ruchter scale.

  3. why wanna go vegetarian jek? Okay Okay now i taking picture of my high heels. Yalor. I also thinking wanna buy new baju to go to party or not. The geisha baju i also tried.. Tak Boleh la. Saya nampak gemuk. Alamak ..memang gemuk pun! kakakaka

  4. sasha – Hahaha, excited now leh? Gemuk oso no choice liao, no time for crash diet, even! Never mind, we keep each other company.

    Izham – Hey, thanks for remembering! Yes, I am the earthquake detector but missed this. Maybe because I was sitting on the floor, busy crapping on MSN to notice it. Ish, there goes a blog post. On the serious side, I hope no major tragedy happened to the poor folks.

    Giddy Tiger – Ya, I just realised that there are so much more bites with all these added instead of boring white rice.

    terence – Blek.

  5. I just posted a blog post admitting I’m 40 pounds overweight. Vege diet is ok la. Need to go on crash diet to lose those pounds. Thinking of just giving up dinner and eat fruits.

  6. Aaah, good lohhhh. Healthy for a change, hoh. You wait till the wakame arrives at your doorstep, ya. And keep eating those grains. Who needs meat when there’s so many difren types of veges and fruits everyday, lol. You think like got 5 types of chicken meh? Wingz got lah, kekekekeke.

  7. must salute you. all this while you have been so disciplined. make sure u reward urself once its over ok 😉 ( ah, got lose weight or not?)

  8. Being vegetarian is a good thing. Do you know how animals are killed or the living conditions they deal with? Have you heard how the animals cry in the abattoir? It’s not fun.

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