The owner.

The chair (from Ikea – RM59.90)



wait lah, next post. Must open the box first, partition the HD, burn DVD of the OS……download Firefox and learn how to use Windows Vista.

Meanwhile….an SMS to a friend :


Reply – Pussy?

ME – Shaddap!

16 thoughts on “OMG! PINK!

  1. Those LOHs really know the way to the woman’s heart. i love the chair. *LOL*

    Who else u sms lah. Why my inbox different answer one? Niamah!

  2. budokid – LOL, really ah?

    samm – Haiyor…nice colour what. Like a piece of candy oni. I love the keyboard. So bouncy, not like my Acer, so sticky.

    dylan – Yup, that’s right.

    wahlau – Colour matching mah.

    mossie – Yes, went out to Sony dealer and pick one up.

    terence – Mana proof?

  3. moo_t – No turning back. But my problem hor…you know lah…dunno can hor…..compatible or not…but I am using it now, minus the microsoft office.

    ahpek – hehehe, blush pink (name of the pink my pc has)
    erin – They are already using it. Now, this one, I said pink one, they cannot touch, later become ah kua.

    sasha – Wuah…you serious wan? I wear jeans and can kangkang and sit in the chair like that. You wear skirt, sure koyak adi cos the chair so wide. LOL. But really la, we janji take pics like that ok?

    terence – You pecah our rahsia like that. Tiu

    Bryan – Wait I master it first.

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