Programme for Together Gather Bloggers Gathering

Peeples, ladies and germs….please note that the programme for the night is over at Wingz’s blog. You can copy and paste it on your blog and help to promote it a bit, can ah? Please link the sponsors especially because they have generously contribute in cash and in kind.

If you are not going, also help to blog about it, can ah? Come lah, help us to drum it up loud-loud so that more bloggers are aware of the event. You probably won’t be able to get a seat by now but still can give us moral support, right?

I don’t know about others but I am very excited about it. Can you believe that I have never seen Wingz before? I had talked to him but never see him. Do you know how exciting it is to finally put a face to a voice? This siao Wingz when he called me will go something like, “Niamah…that farker today fark kau me because of yadda yadda…” OMG, can you imagine what kind of Ah Beng he is? And hor, I janji to kiss AhPek but don’t know how frog ugly he looks also.

Plus I have compared shoes with Sasha and we janji to wear what shoes and what dress to the party. With mott, we are like little girsl, so excited. For a moment, we forget we are moms, forget about night feedings, forget about everything except we are bloggers. Bloggers are meant to have fun, right, girls?

(in bold is my own words)

Q : What Door gift?
A : Kenot tell you yet! But the door gifts alone is definitely worth more than RM35 already!
(pssst…I heard it is manties and aunty panties that Wingz bought from the pasar malam)

Q : Where to Park your car?
A : Low Yat Plaza @ RM4 flat rate (pls remember to get your ticket chopped at the reception counter)
(stay in Federal like 5xmom lah, who wants to rent my room by the hour ah?)

Q : What time start ?
A : Registration Start at 6:10pm
(I early-early will be there liao, so got time to chit-chat more)

Q : What should I wear?
A : Smart Casual – jeans n colar t shirt should be fine … no singlet cap pagoda n shorts n slippers pls!
(haiyor…tension betul. I dunno what to wear…help! I thot sarong can, cannot ah?)

Q : Why You want me to come early early?
A : Because …. its free seating! You come erly erly to chop place la! then … we have limited numbers of door gifts … if you late and we ran out of door gifts then sorry la!
(because tiu, I said I will be there. That one is not good enough reason meh? Cis!)

Latest update, here’s the itinerary for the night.

Make sure you come by 6:10pm, door gifts are based on a first-come-first-serve basis, if you come early, maybe you’ll get to kao some zai or kao some lui!

Here’s what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t come…

9th March 2007
6:10 pm Registration
7:20 pm Introduction
7:45 pm Speech by Guest of Honuor
8:15 pm Buffet Dinner

– Games

– Entertainment

– Lucky Draw
11:00 pm Good Night!

LETS go TOGETHER GATHER! (more details on Wingz’s post)

The sponsors:

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    Faster go blog about it lah!

    13 thoughts on “Programme for Together Gather Bloggers Gathering

    1. hahaha, i m excites :p

      I finish work at 6 wo.. walk to lrt station already 6,15 liao… cannot reach by 6.10..

      auntie, u kasi chop my door gift la..

    2. !! @@”!! Wah! u very cool lah.. adam ok mentioned about you and i came and see your blog @@”.. very technology savvy leh.. @@” hmm.. just stopping by to say hi and pay a visit.. cuz i very curious how ur blog looks like.. adam said u earn $1k a month @@” wahhh… that’s alot!

    3. Hi,
      I really have to thank you 5xmom for sponsoring me for this event. Hoping to meet the bloggers behind blogs which I have stumbled upon and continue reading, like yourself and some of the other bloggers.

      Once again thanks a lot.

    4. michael, auntie lilian is one of the 50 most influencial bloggers in malaysia, how can i not know her :p

    5. cely – aiyoooo, dun say lah, paiseh lah, that one kiddies play oni

      Liew – see you again! nice, you come from Johor, I come from Penang. Really whole Malaysia, like this.

      warren/shoppingmum/yip – Too bad lah, this event sounds so glam with so many sponsors and freebies. Got lots of surprise oso.

      dylan – Dun mention it.

      terence – Blek back

      michael – Which adam ah? Adam ok? I earn more than that wei. Much much more lah, that’s how I can afford to sponsor oso lah. Hehehe, follow my other blog, Make Money, you oso can earn money from blogging.

      mott – You all good wei, three of you going together, not so scary. I go alone, but lucky got two teens bodyguards there. My personal entourage of photographers. LOL. My sk8ter son and a church member’s son. Both bloggers and avid photographer.

      cely – Wah…so early come, good lah.

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