Do you peek at people’s age?

Yesterday evening while my darling husband (heh, got new toy so call darling lah) was busy with the Sony dealer, I took my toddler over to the Big Bookshop. Poor chap hurted his finger and I wanted to pacify him with some distractions. His finger was bleeding a bit ‘cos he threw a tantrum and hurted himself.

So, I was being extra generous. We were standing at this aisle with erasers and pencil sharpeners and he was wild with excitement to see Garfield erasers and matching sharpeners. So, after that little cut on his finger, I definitely comply. I told him, “Sayang…take the eraser and the pencil sharpener. See if there are rulers and pencils or not. If there are, we buy everything ok?”

There you have it, a mom spoiling her kid rotten. But hey, my dear hubby is across the shop, signing the deal for my pinkie so anything just to distract the toddler from making hubby’s changed his mind, ok?

But….right across the aisle was this loud mouth, fat lady who said to her daughter, “You buy, buy, buy everything, make sure you go home and pay me back.” I was like, WTF? Your daughter is only about 8 years old and you have this attitude. Wait till you are 80 years old and your daughter asked you to pay her back for medical fees and old folks home fees, then only you know. Then, her little daughter said alright, she got angpow money. (money given to kids during the Chinese New Year)

So, there you go…5xmom being bitchy. Then, when we went over to pay, she was filling some membership or contest form at the cashier counter. As she was writing out her details, I couldn’t resist and peeked at her birth date. The problem with our stupid IC (identity card) is how easy it is for people to know your birthdate.

And I went tra la la la la…..woman, you are the same age with me. 640610-07-dunno the last four digit. How come you so grouchy, stodgy, calculative and your kids so small only wei? Your mader never teach you to marry young so that you don’t have to deal with little kids at my age? See lah, I only have one lil baby to pamper ‘cos the rest all grown up. I so relax, wei.

There…the urge to know if another woman is older or younger than you is always, always a very big issues to many of us women. It is very thrilling to find out the real age of the person who goes all out to hide their age. Now with our IC, I normally cannot resist getting my eyes to land on someone’s form to see if they are older or younger than me. It is human nature, right? Especially to women because we want to feel vain, like “Heh, I look younger than you eventhough I am older than you by 6 years.”

Bad. Me bad. But what to do… is nice to peek at people’s age.

12 thoughts on “Do you peek at people’s age?

  1. I think nowadays people don’t really mind if you know their age. Especially when they look younger than their age. It is something to be proud of.

  2. nah, you’re not bad nor bitchy.

    just a little insecure about yourself or your age.


  3. The fake doc – You don’t have to spell it out so loud wan wor…We women memang like dis wan what.

    hcfoo – Haiyor, got like that ah? I hate filling forms with those details in queue wan ler.

    sasha – Yeah, regardless what age.

  4. Yah, I also can never resist peeking at another woman’s age. Makes me feel good if she looks older and is same age or younger than me…but then…ahem, they ALWAYS look older hoh?

  5. The real sifu – Niamah lor, I got only one doc, mana tau, got kopikat mia doc. Not clone lah, how to clone the MMM?

    Giddy Tiger – Yayaya, we are the real bitches. LOL.

    siheng – Silap adi…makes me so mad only. Eh, no one can simply use the name doc, wokay.

    wuching – But you got more white hairs than me. So, I can still lie I am younger than you.

  6. Good lady are hard to guess their age from their looks. šŸ˜‰
    Like Brigitte Lin in “The Swordsman”. Youngster that never watch Brigitte Lin 70’s movies, will not notice her age.

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