So excited about the Bloggers Together Gather (and freebies from 5xmom)

AhPek is excited. LiewCF is coming all the way from Johor. I am going down all the way from Penang. From North to South, we are going to the Together Gather Bloggers Gathering.

Wingz is calling me up every hour (hehehe, I bluff wan) about the final details. “Cipet, you still need how many seats? Niamah, you can confirm now or not? Tiu lor, I cannot squeeze two more places out. Go die lah, we already printed the programme, how to add?…..” You get the drift….


So, I am going to meet up with Simonstalks, finally. I am going to bring him a gift. Actually I have six sets. That means, five more to go. Who wants? (I cannot simply give ‘cos I do not know your faith, don’t want to appear preachy, ok?) A book (more of a notebook style) and a Christian-y bookmark.


I got these nice little, metal bookmarks from my church servers (the altar boys) who were trying to raise funds for a trip to the water theme park. So, I skali bought six from them and want to give them away. Who wants? Tell me in the comment? I go pack it now and bring to the bloggers gathering? Don’t ask me to mail lah, I dem lazy to go to post office wan. And no, the book is not about Karma Sutra and its 1,001 positions, so don’t fight over it ok? And no, it is not about how to bodek your mother-in-law, either. It is just a short quotes and cartoon style book, no Christian-y one, donch worry.

7 thoughts on “So excited about the Bloggers Together Gather (and freebies from 5xmom)

  1. Auntie, I want!!! You know my faith lah hor…The bookmark look really nice…*eyeing the book hungrily* LOL!!!

  2. aisey, book only ah? no cash? no angpow? i come all the way from PJ to attend you know…? *runs away and hide*

  3. wah..simon stalks?

    or is it simon talks?

    tee hee hee… i got the things 4 ur 4 boys. i decided to give everyone one la..or else, one/two sure jealous one.

  4. Eh! Never say earlier got door gift. Then, I mah can contribute some mah. Handmade ke wor!!! Maybe you do not know I knit apart from baking. LOL. Next blogger meeting, ok? Btw, you want me to send you the voucher moh? You say you busy because sons got exam mah……. moh mum tai one. After all, I am on my way back and have to pass by your place also mah…… šŸ™‚

    I also want to join you all already. Learn to blog soon

  5. Aiyo Lilian, you are making me go green with envy through your posts. I wish I could meet up with you shake your famous hand and take pic with you *gush gush* Anyway, have a great Get Together.

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