Happy Women’s Day to me, and you too

But let’s see my definition of women:

1) They are bitchy, they fight

2) They are steely, they survive

3) They are soft, they give pleasure

4) They are witty, they bring warmth

5) They are fickle, makes men feel clever

6) They are insecure, makes men feel heroic

7) They are………………..(fill in your own)

Don’t you just love we women? You can’t live without us. You will die if you don’t have us. Your life is miserable minus us. Hate us but nyek, we are here ‘cos God said so.

Happy Women’s Day, dears.

3 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day to me, and you too

  1. Let start the guy jokes section.

    God create woman first. Woman are so lonely and ask God to create companion. God agreed with condition, “Man are bigot creature that never growth up, so you mustn’t let them know I create woman first.”. Woman ask, “What do you suggest?”. God say, “Just tell men I create them first, and create woman using one of his rib.”.
    And woman agree.

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