Niasing…I don’t blog to entertain you, ok?

# anonymous commented on March 6th, 2007:

Auntie.. recently your posts have been really boring la.. got so many sponsored posts! I want to see more penang food! Please! Thanks

(from this post)

Lanjiao lah, firstly if you want to say something like that, leave a name ok? Secondly, go die lah, I am on vegetarian diet, hari-hari eat grass, how to write decent posts about juicy steak, crispy lard pieces, oily belly pork? Think about it lah. You think a monk or a nun can write sex stories or not? Thirdly, I mana ada put sponsored post on my Best Recipe site? Niamah, you want to see more Penang food? Go die first then I go burn all the papers one for you to eat everyday. Kanneh!

So, that serves as a wake up call. Some bugger is saying, “It’s your blog, fuck what others think! You write what you want.” Easy for you to say lah. I write too ganas, people say I PMS. When I get critical, people say I heartless. When I get too emo, I get unnecessary sympathies. If I go too crazy, people think I mental. Yalah, it is my blog, I can write what I want. But at the end of the day, I also want to make sure that I had not made some spinsters crying because they think I said they are ugly and cannot marry or I make some wankers damn perasan that I say I adore men like them. Cheebye betul. It is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

So, instead of falling into either place, I make lame posts so that my backside doesn’t get zh’ng. Just last night, I was forced to categorise my blog posts. Usually, I dump all my craps, regardless of topics into the category ‘Personal’. But for the sake of RM300, I either do some work or lose it. Of course, I categorise lah, cos that’s the way to blog now.

While sieving through those old posts of mine, I got so nostalgic. I did write some very damn funny posts, some really daring ones and great ones. I was online with someone and yeah, I did proudly share those old posts of mine. I was like, “Shit, do you remember about (something something)? Look what I wrote a year back on the issue.” I took at look at that post and realised now, I wouldn’t dare to write in that same way. Because people will think I am err…..fatt hou.

See? I had transformed into entertaining pleasing people rather than please myself. Now I don’t know if I like this. I want to go back to the shoot-from-the-hip, ganas mia 5xmom. Who the hell cares if I am not politically correct or being normal. I want to be me, the real 5xmom. And niasing punya anon., I hope you get lausai for the whole week for being ball-less.

Puadah semua lu. Pigi mati lah. Gua mau tulis apa, gua punya suka.

25 thoughts on “Niasing…I don’t blog to entertain you, ok?

  1. *Gasp!* What a Wah Lau post!

    How does your husband tolerate you? LOL! (*could this be a new post topic for you???*) Special request from loyar . Heh! Heh!

  2. KJ – hehehe, that wan mental wan lah, drama sungguh.

    pablopabla – You mean how my lou kong tahan me when I ‘teh’ him issit? Sure cannot tahan lah, I dem clever to ‘teh’ wan, wan what oso get wan. “yeeerrrr..give lor, give lor….pweesseee lor…i want….” Like that lor. If not how you think I get what DSLR lah, a laptop every new year lah…..The power of ‘teh’.

    terence – ‘Cos I got the da bugger to bug me mah. So, what to do mental motivator say must write like dis baru ada stim. Tiuk boh?

  3. Actually, why would u be even bothered about what people say about your blog? No one comment in mine, I should be more worried in that.

  4. SALUTE U!!! It’s yr own blog and suka la what u wanna write. Dun like to read pigi mampus la itu orang. Like my blog also..some commented i damn hiau,damn free to write so much and all . Cis , niamah them la. I write what i want la. Diu..

  5. Sasha, lilian wearing sarong tomolo mah. She said so yesterday wan.

    Yalah.. come to think of it, I too must think about re-categorising my post lah. make it sound more professional a bit hor. Thanks for reminding.

  6. sasha – Haiyor…pecah rashsia dy. AhPek and I can have quickie faster like that mah. You see us disappeared, you know where we go la. Behind curtains. I don’t know yet wor, really.

    AhPek – I kena rejected cos my blog not family oriented pulak. So, re-categories until sot-sot chor.

    Planet – Like this baru best lah. Like cili padi like that.

    bryan – Yalor, dem sienz with ppl like these. Want to say something, somemore dare not use a nick.

    melvinf – Yahor, I never thot of that oso.

  7. Hi Lilian,

    May I know why you’re on a vegetarian diet? Is this temporary? Just wondering is all…..


  8. These annyomous also at wingz chatbox…say his website also boring…..
    U can ask wingz to track his ip…..find the guys… and spam him šŸ˜›

  9. Lilian, don’t just because of this person make you so feel so unhappy lar. Tmr you go happy liau mah. Don’t angry. If you come by later, I give you hainanese kaya lar šŸ™‚

  10. No need worry about crappy anonymous ppl la.

    Just write the facts, but then its always difficult to please ppl and at the same time please yourself but I must say that you managed to balance both equally ( I believe).

  11. the guy wrote:” “Auntie.. recently your posts have been really boring la.. got so many sponsored posts! I want to see more penang food! Please! Thanks”

    whats with all the ass licking comments here?

    i don’t see why you have to be all fired up, if he said:

    ” hey fat bitch..recently your cibai posts have been really fucking boring la…got so many motherfucking sponsored posts! i want to see more penang food! FUCK! TIU! Hamkarchan!!”

    Then you can tiu ppl back la, u wanna tiu me also? sorry, you’re too fugly loh

    ***approve or create another post for this comment,be my guest***

  12. ya do what u like. i tried pleasing some buthen cannot please all. afterall, paid posts put $$$ into my poket not them right?

    and i heard b4 mandarin saying ‘nee chee wor bu chee, yit chee joong nee ji’ (you angry i no angry, once angry kena your ‘trap’) i think that little boy needs some free ad from you… kleber pun.

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