Question from loyar (lawyer) on wives

# pablopabla commented on March 8th, 2007:^

*Gasp!* What a Wah Lau post!

How does your husband tolerate you? LOL! (*could this be a new post topic for you???*) Special request from loyar . Heh! Heh!

Tomorrow I won’t get to blog ‘cos I am either travelling to KL or go kepoh in Federal to prepare for the gathering. So, let me get this off first ‘cos the secret to good blog is to strike when the inspirasi is here. Who cares la if you post every 20 minutes.

So, pablopabla is a lawyer, a good Christian, a husband and a kepoh blogger as well. He saw the amount of fury on my blog sometimes. But do I treat my family and my dear hubby like that?

Now, that I won’t answer ‘cos it is nobody’s business. But let’s talk about wives, ok? I suppose being a lawyer, he probably had seen many divorced cases. So, I think he may be interested to know how I had remained married for 20 (+4 years lived in) if I really am that ferocious.

Ok, firstly, no man enjoys a woman who is so docile, timid, mild, yes-woman who cannot make up her mind. She can gets boring wei. That only happens in the biblical times and St. Paul’s espitles.

Like for example:

Husband : “Dear, do you want a cup of tea?”

Reply : Anything, please and thank you.

Husband : “Dear, do you want sex?”

Reply : Anything, please and thank you.

You tell me lah, boring or not?

And then hor, no man likes being nagged, talked down to or treated like invisible. So, mah tell you a secret lor. Don’t nag, always treat him like he is the smartest on earth and always say, “I don’t know, ask your father, he is da man of the house, he is rich, I don’t make decision.” (then secretly whisper to the son, give me their paypal, I go zap my paypal for you now) This does not only apply to the spouses, ok? All men means your males colleagues, male bosses, male friends etc etc. Woman wile, ths one.

And the power of ‘teh’ is the ultimate weapon. “yeeeeee…..i want that pink karer laptop… got money time, you buy for me horrrrr….*pouts mouth, rub his thighs* can or not…..can or not……*kiss kiss*” So, the result? “HAIYOR, how much lah? RM5K only ah? Come, get dressed we go now and buy.”

Or….”Dearrrr….I very sad lor, all the bloggers in KL got gathering. I stay so far away. I bluff them I am going and now, the whole crowds are going because they thought I am there. If I don’t go hor…..die ler…….they sure curse me……I sad lah, how lah….” Reply : ‘Go lah, KL so near only, come I take you.” Nyek!

There you have it lor. Both sides of the fury. Oh ya, got one more. When really, really lan tiu time, oso never gaduh lah. Be straightforward and tell him to “Fuck off, I am not going to discuss until you can reason well.” Wait till fire die down and then, mah no need to throw plates and pots and pans lorrr….

There you go, pablopabla, maybe next time you have to counsel problem marriages, you teach them to cuss more lah. Good tension reliever and marriage saver, you know. Otherwise hor, keep everything inside liao, sure one day both become strangers. And heh, fury = passion.

14 thoughts on “Question from loyar (lawyer) on wives

  1. Thanks for the tips! I will try the “Lou kung, lou kung”, sambil massage massage “I want more domains can ah? Lilian got so many wor…” 🙂

  2. You are lucky you got yourself a LOH. LOHs are suckers to TEHings and they love their women.

    The secret is give and take, agree to agree and lots of sex. *LOL*

  3. terence – Eh, how much the LOH clans pay you to promote ah? I listen till sienz ok? I married to one ok? But hor, memang LOH all suckers lah. Remember givegivegivegivegive? 😉

    immom – Hehehe, sure works wan. Don’t forget the foot rub oso.

    sasha – Yalor….if not where got so fast carry one back home wor. Teh-ing kungfu high mah.

    cely – Eh, very useful wan, bosses oso can apply, polis mau saman oso can apply, but dun touch leg, touch hand lah!

  4. You said it well, Mom! Attitude like this has got us going for a good 7 years – your 20 years is an inspiration.

    You’re on the road ah? Wanted your opinion on cameraslah…if got time, can visit my blog, pls?

    Fire it up in KL!

  5. Oh…itu macam….

    Ok set, I will print this and give to “I want a divorce” couples. I might lose business because they might then go against the idea of divorcing but God will be pretty pleased!

    But then hor, too much cussing lar…

    Hmm….maybe new topic whilst it is hot : Is cussing between couples good for romance???

    Heh! heh!

  6. yipguseng – When you discover the anti-teh formula, you will be a trillionaire. Die, bimboes, die.LOL

    ahboon- done

    pablopabla – You siao or what lah. Where got couples use cuss words on each other wan lah? You go ask some real Ah Bengs and Ah Lians lah. Unless of course, you are interested to know about those whispered during beromancing LOL.

    kittycat – OK

  7. Where got siao, may I refer to the second last paragraph of your post:

    Be straightforward and tell him to “Fuck off, I am not going to discuss until you can reason well.”

    I rest my case. LOL!

    But then hor, imagine the husband responding “Yeah, I will just do so as you say” and go out find another woman to ahem!

  8. wah sai… the power of ‘tehhhhhhhhhh’ ehh 5xmom, u on grass diet then during blogger gathering u never ‘porrrr kai’?(break rule?)

  9. wow…good article!!! i like this article best!!!å–‹…功一流!”give you thumb up”…

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