Log on to 5xmom tonight…


This pink baby is going with me to the Together Gather Bloggers Gathering. And I have pakat with Timothy, my fellow Penangite’s blogger cum taukeh of nuffnang to pinjam me wi-fi access. So, jeng, jeng, jeng…..you are going to catch the Together Gather Bloggers Gathering live from Skyroom, Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Brought to you by 5xmom, the exclusive channel. Hehehe.

Make sure you tune in to get the raw action, ok? I cannot promise anything but I am sure I can get some pics, some videos and some faces you have never seen over here in the evening. I have Michael (my son) and Matthew (my church friend’s son) with me so I will assigned them as the official photographer/videographers of the 5xmom channel. (I can hear my son grumbling…My ma is engaging child labour…..)

So, till I catch you guys tonight, remember to arrive early for the gathering ya? I am so excited, I think I can’t sleep liao. I went to cut and dye my hair pink yesterday afternoon. But bad news my toddler killed my DSLR and I am without my kick-ass camera. He stuffed the CF card too hard, now the camera cannot read the card. Tiu. Who has a DSLR to lend me? Anyone got a durian camera to lend me?

See you all at the Together Gather Bloggers Gathering. And to those who did not make it, please remember to check my blog sometime in the evening, ok? I promise to post ‘cos I know you are going to be very curious what orgy we have there.

And don’t freaking call me AUNTY OK? Call me Lilian or 5 eks mom oso never mind. Earl-ku, you know what to do liao hor? Throw them down Skyroom. Every person you throw down, I pay you USD1K, ok?

27 thoughts on “Log on to 5xmom tonight…

  1. LOL too used to call you auntie, suddenly want change like very hard. If I call you Lilian like not respectful enough. :S

  2. yeah actualy calling u aunty hor is some sort of respect … but hey 1k man … u all call la … i choke slam uuand throw u down … wah my ipod ….BOSE sounds system is within reach edy … fuck ipod la …

  3. earl & clf – One two person time never mind lah but hor if got a few and everyone aunties, I tell you, can die wei.

  4. mmmm…. the laptop too pink for me ledi…

    and for throwing ppl out of the skyroom… if i survive, can i come back up and call u auntie again?

    oh i forgot, i not gonna be there!

  5. ah lian, i always call u ah lian. acceptable or not? too bad i wont be able to call you ah lian tonite face to face. i shall log in to catch the action live via 5xmom broadcast

  6. Hahahahaha, throw them down. I hate people that “three don’t know seven” go call people uncle auntie. Siao!!!! Even gwailao call name except for close relative. Must eradicate this trends….. (grin).

    For the camera, probably Stuff CF card the wrong way and bended some pin? Told yar to get a Nikon (kekekkekekeke).

  7. when wan bling bling yr pink laptop? u come kl hor, why not get it skinned…apply sticker to the whole casing for protection..some mre the stickers have cute cute pictures wan. new one bought by yr atm, so must jaga ma hor

  8. The last time also this earl-ku call me auntie wor. I told him I am only few years older than him. At least call lar my name or cheh cheh. Sound better mah, rite? Sei cai……….. call me auntie wor. Wah lau eh!!!

  9. Yay.. At Aunty.. Opps I mean Lilian Leng Lui Jie Jie is broadcasting live to those who can’t attend.. show us some sexy photos and some hamsap photos…!!

  10. hey! i’ve been eyeing on that pink laptop for quite some time! but then i’ve heard that Sony products ain’t good? since u r havin it, can u please tell me whether it’s good or not can? thanks =) i love pink just like u =p

  11. *slap self*

    SHIIITE!!! I didn’t read this before going to the party and I called you auntie summore….!!! LOL!!!

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