Together Gather –

Siaran tergendala. No pics but I have to tell you guys that it rocks!

It is like the most happening event evarrrr….All the Malaysian bloggers are here like Jeff Ooi, KidChan, LiewCF, FireAngel, Minishorts, AhPek and well, just about everyone.

I am blogging from Federal Skyroom right now. Thanks for the wifi from nuffnang. I wish I can share the live video and photos but unfortunately, my laptop is acting up. It hates me because I am pink-ier than it. I have pink hair, pink blouse, pink nail polish (and errmm…pink undies too).

The ballroom is so grand…the food great and what more the company is most heartwarming. Lots of lengluis, lengjais and yeah, my friends are all here.

Gotta run ‘cos need to catch up.

Missing all of you who aren’t here. Ta ta!

15 thoughts on “Together Gather –

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Lilian!!! I am sad cuz i couldn’t join!!! You better go ki siao there for my sake ok? Haha… Have fun there! šŸ™‚

  2. Was expecting to see some live show from the party… but then… so sad leh Leng Lui Lilian… *goes to a corner and cry again*

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