Group photo

IMGP5646, originally uploaded by 5xmom.

This is the unofficial group photo. We actually have a photographer assigned by Kid Chan (The Wedding Photographer) to take the photos and Kid himself was there to tell us to stand at 45 deg to the left, to the right, smile, cheese etc etc.

I have uploaded whatever photos in my son’s camera. Looking forward to all the other bloggers’ pics. Please email me my pics if you have them, ya?

21 thoughts on “Group photo

  1. Geram-nya…. should have dump my BB at home with my mum and go there party party, pat kua pat kua….

    Next year, when my girl is much older, have one again ok? I promise I’ll go and pat kua pat kua….

  2. Wah, everyone exposed liao..heh heh….great pics and thanks for the effort to post this in lil bits even though the line was not so good. It’s like getting World Cup update live. Ha ha….make me very jealous for missing all the fun

  3. i was not in the group pic. Where is the most official one ? I remember i taking a few shot before this group pic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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