Kukujiao and I

PICT7356, originally uploaded by 5xmom.

Haiyor, Earl ah, dun say like that lah. I must choose nice nice pics of myself to show mah. So must be selective mah.

But hor….I see see this pic, liao, I think you lie with your age lah.

10 thoughts on “Kukujiao and I

  1. WAT? me lying with my age … i look old only … wanna check IC? hhahhaha

    but its my pleasure to be able to meet you, so the bitchy part is noo that true after all …

    terrence, u got a problem with my kukujiao?

  2. terence – Big or small, I never check lah.

    vicky – Yellowman too popular liao, schedule mm ngam but Wingz oso cute what.

    splashmilk – Nice to meet you too and will be checking yr milky blog soon (when I am not running on Coffee Bean’s line)

    Earl – Ascherly hor….I wanted to hear someone said ‘you look young auntie’ LOL cos you always always aunty me here and there mah….Beh shiok lor.

  3. but really la, i hear hor … alot of people say u very sporting …

    hahaha – seriously no joke …

    ar yala yala “you are young, not like aunty at all” … i dunwan to tell that u u are young only after u kembang whole nite …

    hahaha so will you now contribute to my ipod fund?

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