LadyBoss – Shiryen

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Ladies and germs, Me in Coffee Beans Low Yat just to bring more pics to you. The lady sitting down is the main person who ran the whole show last night.

Please give a clap to Shiryen. She is the LadyBoss who handles almost everything. Everything goes well because of her great organising skills and fuwah, Wingz told me that whoever did not do their work will get farked by Shiryen.

Besides her, there are other committee members who worked really, really, really hard for the event yesterday. I was there and am very touched to see them sweating the whole day, carrying stuffs, arrange them and etc etc. KennynG, AceOne, Cincauhangus, Skykeepyou, Frostier, Belle, Huei… many more. Bravo, you guys!

4 thoughts on “LadyBoss – Shiryen

  1. eyer.. no la.. yew.. i help here help there oni la.. no main person main person la..

    thanks for the food the other night tho.. u were the only person that remembered !!! *touched touching.. touchest..

  2. ladyboss – Big Boss tipu-ed wan. He shiok-shiok makan himself on the VIP table. I wanted to makan one mouthful then, remembered you. Then, hor…I go line up and take big big plate of cheeken and pish and somemore must tell people, Eh, I take for ppl wan, I take for ppl wan. I sked ppl said, what lar, you so greedy, take big plate. Some said I vegetarian diet and hantam so many cheeken. LOL.

    Siheng – Yalor, ladyboss memang terror, poor her no time to even change clothes or khap leng jai.

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