“Malays will kill the Chinese, the Chinese will take revenge and kill the Malays, and the Indian will kill everyone.”

Now, tell me who is the racist here? Who is the bigger liar? Who is the stupiak politikus who said the above? Tell me that either the translation was wrong, the journalist misquoted our Malaysia Minister of Tourism Tengku ADNAN Tengku Mansur or ………..what da heck, let me shoot anyway. After all, I am a woman, unemployed, a blogger and a liar as my tagline said so.

(Kuala Lumpur) The Tourism Minister Tengku ADNAN Tengku Mansur lashed out today (Mar 8, 2007) that all bloggers on the Internet are liars, out of which 80% are unemployed women.

All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women. ‚

(source English translation by JeremiahFoo and Mandarin version taken from SinChew)

I will not take offence on the part of being women, blogger, liar ‘cos some men with smaller kukujiaos (penises) or dysfunctional ones ought to find releases for their frustrations. Hence, they always take it out on women. So, let’s not get worked up over the quote. I am not surprised if that hawt, beautiful Nila Tanzil rejected his advances and hence, he lashed out at the whole world bloggers in general.

But I do find it very, very stupid for a politician to quote the below words in a public function and especially when his duty is to promote our country tourism. What farked up person would say such thing aloud in our multi-racial country? What do you think the tourists think? Ahhh..never mind, what tourists? You mean our country actually have tourists? Where? I don’t see any. I only bumped into crowds of loud-mouthed, cannot wait to steal hotels cutleries and towels throngs of people. You call that tourists?

All bloggers are not in favour of national unity. Our country has been successful because we are very tolerant with each other, if not, there will be civil war, the Malays will kill the Chinese, the Chinese will take revenge and kill the Malays, and the Indian will kill everyone.

Please lah, Tengku Adnan, don’t shame our country like that. You do not know which direction the world is heading. You do not understand how the internet operates. You do not know who are the movers and shakers of the commercial world. If you still think we believe in your travel brochures, I think you are better off in the Sipilok Orang Utan’s reserve.

Bloggers rule the world now. Live with it!

27 thoughts on ““Malays will kill the Chinese, the Chinese will take revenge and kill the Malays, and the Indian will kill everyone.”

  1. I wonder why do we have ministers who are so shallow in the cabinet…how will the country progress with ministers like this?

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m so appalled!! This coming from a minister!! and a TOURISM MINISTER some more! Aiyo!!
    so paiseh! (so embarassed)

    i think if the unemployed lying women bloggers unite, and we only need those 8000 out of the 10000 (or maybe even less than that!;)), we can kick his ass off his comfy seat as a minister and make sure he will never be involved in politics again.

    so disgusted with these kind of loudmouth minister.

  3. Come on lah Pak Menteri. Give her a break lah.
    Kesian Nila Tanzil, sudah lah hilang her tv hosting job followed by losing her boyfriend in the air crash, now unnecessary kena from a Menteri . I wonder where he got the stats?

    N why not he get someone to speak to her? And rectify the situation. I’ve been dealing with Tourism Malaysia for the past few months. N they’re not perfect N need lotsa whipping! I’m not surprised with Nila’s complaint.

  4. Wah siao!! Minister went stupid again this time!!

    By the way, who the heck he think he is? Katak bawah tempurung, I guess he didnt got the chance to read good quality local blogs before….. boo!! Oh wait, or maybe he dont really familiar with the world of Net?


  5. I’m thinking that if someone were to be a racist person, then better dun live in Malaysia. I mean after all we are promoting multi-racial society and this is a remark to “encourage” us to live together? Hell I don’t think so. Also he is someone with privilege and he shouldn’t comment on something like that, that’s pretty rude and where is his reputation going to last? I am feeling shameful on behalf of my Indian friends. Lillian, good job for posting this up, at least we know HOW FAR THIS MAN can go!

  6. I find it amusing that he reckons the Indians have issues with everyone and will kill all without descrimination unlike us Chinese and Malays.

  7. Who voted this man?
    Should there be a Malaysian Ministers statement record blog?
    Also to record which area this man is representing?
    Maloooo lar……………..

  8. wow, talk abt misleading and slanderous.. he’s doing a slander of profession to all bloggers and we can’t sue him. damn!

    and can’t any1 sue him for being seditious?


    “Our country has been successful because we are very tolerant with each other, if not, there will be civil war, the Malays will kill the Chinese, the Chinese will take revenge and kill the Malays, and the Indian will kill everyone.”

    He’s pointing out that the races in malaysia are merely just tolerating each other and not accepting each other’s presence. Furthermore, his what-if analysis indicates if the tolerance is lifted from malaysia today, both the chinese and malays wld exterminate each other, which i think he actually means, chinese hate malays? oh my god, did he said that in a newspaper capable of reaching to millions of readers? gosh! what abt his theory that the indians are exterminators of every race when tolerance is no longer in play?

    I for one would like to see him charged under ISA for being prejudicial to the security of Malaysia as of Section 8(1) of the ISA 1960 and for Sedition as he has seditious tendency with his statement to promote ill-will and hostility between different races of the population of Malaysia as of Section 3(1)(e) of Sedition Act 1948

  9. Maaaaybe the SinChew reporter who wrote it was biased and simply put that comment to get everyone riled up? Heh heh you never know. Don’t trust the media, don’t trust what you don’t hear first hand.

  10. Definitely time for a change. There is no longer any protocol in this government. The ringmaster is a moron and the clowns do and say as they wish. The whole thing is a circus.

    Majority Malaysian have no racial problems. I have many Ahmad(s) and Ramasamy(s) as friends. Many I treat as brothers too.

    50 years of independence and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and we have our Tourism Minister saying this.

  11. *sigh* *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* saya malu sebab saya orang Malaysia. Dan Malaysia malu sebab ada orang macam ini. *malu**malu**malu*

  12. Don’t feel embarassed. He is part of the Government which the majority of Malaysians voted into power. Want to do something about it? Just ensure that you vote.

  13. Sometimes I feel frustrated, sometimes I feel that the media ought to be reckon as one of those horrendous RL Stine Goosebumps books that I read when I was much younger- just infantile brain-cells depleting horror stories- but sometimes I am just downright appalled and enraged by the excrement spurt out of the such imbecile’s mouth. When there are people/ a person( at the very least, moi) being more than enthusiastic putting colours, shapes, smells, sights, stories, etc to the appendage of the nether region of Asia, it’s really sickening to know that there are people who would plainly dump crap on it. I know that giving a presentation about Malaysia and its touristy sites does not really come on par with dying for the country sort of patriotism, but hey, holding court to a class of eclectic students from all over the world (i.e. overly-opinionated Americans, industrious but boxed-in Chinese, totally nonchalant Africans, curious Japanese, sprinkled with an assortment of other nationalities) with different level of French proficiency could prove to be daunting, ok? Try explaining ‘kaya’, ‘songket’, ‘thaipusam’, and ‘char koay teow’ in French…
    I digressed; looking at those few keen faces dreaming about tanning next to azure seas while embarking on exotic cultural adventures and the torrent of questions that came after made me feel bizarrely nostalgic and proud at the same time. So… a personal message (in the very poetic and ‘romantic’ language) to our cher Ministre de Tourisme, Tenku Adnan,… espèce de connard raciste…fous ta gaule et vas faire enculer, fils de pute de ta mère, putain !!!!!

  14. A week of not blogging and not checking out aunty’s website and I return to read such stupid comments by our Minister..I find it hard to believe that such people exist in the world!!!

    Why do I have a strong feeling that Tunku Adnan’s text is written by his advisors or speech writer and he has no knowledge of whatsoever he is talking about…

    Personally, from what I ‘ve heard from him from the people in the Tourism Board, he sounded like a nice guy, drinks alcohol like a fish, enjoys a good fun and laugh and to see this being qouted from him..seems to dispell that image of him and therefore, i think its more of the backward and dumb idiots working under him who wrote the text that fed him with such lies and gave him a bad perception of it..Aunty..you should enlighten him to it…and so should other bloggers, male or female by protesting and writing to him at

    Minister Of Tourism,
    Ministry Of Tourism,
    Floor 27, Dato’ Onn Tower,Putra World Trade Centre,
    45, Jalan Tun Ismail,
    50654 KUALA LUMPUR.

    phone: 603-26937111
    Fax our complaint directly to him at: 03-2693 0881

    and at the same time cc a copy to the

    Minister of Women, Community and Family Development for the insult the YB Tunku has aimed towards women bloggers…

    Minister Of Women, Family and Community Development,
    Ministry Of Women, Family and Community Development,
    Blok E, Government Office Complex Bukit Perdana,
    Jalan Dato’ Onn,
    50515 KUALA LUMPUR
    Tel:03-2693 0095
    Fax: 03-2693 4982

  15. What the t**t! Duh~ even Sipilok Orang Utan Reserve dunwan to ” shau lau” a retarded “laukow” ! duh~waste our fund only.. ” sai mai fan qin!”

    This is why M’sia so maju…… 0–0III

  16. If the newspaper is correct then the tourism minister has crossed the line by giving such sensitive remarks. He should have mind his own business (read: Visit Malaysia Year) instead of retaliate and taking revenge on bloggers like us. How unprofessional.

  17. Eh? “Drink alcohol like a fish”. Muslim can drink alcohol meh? Haramlah Tengku, haram…………..

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