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Bloggers photos

(The Ultimate list of bloggers’ posts about the Together Gather is done by CincauHangus of Undebug)


Me, laundryamah (in green) and Sasha (sorry no link cos I am using my new laptop with no mouse and no bookmarks, so mahfan to add now, laterz)


I still have many posts about the gathering, written from all angles. Hehehe, I think I will continue writing for while to finish the whole show.

10 Responses to “Bloggers photos”

  1. Whhet!! the ladies looks like they are dressed for the OSCARS ๐Ÿ˜›

    I must say..the 2nd pic, the ladies macam Models saja..hehehehe..striking a pose all of them…

  2. Haiyoh.. I felt so like giving you a peck on your cheek when we hugged. Heheheee.. afraid I was going to create a scandal after that, so I refrianed.

    It was really nice meeting you. Felt Iike I have known you for years lidat. Felt like meeting a long lost friend.

  3. AH! So fast u posted! i baru send to u only wor. Nevermind..slowly link me later la. Nice to mee all of u too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wahhhh…. ur hair got karer ahhhhhh.Ice… nice…. tot u said sked of smell, lol. And Ah Pek looks just like his avatar, kakakakaka. The other 2 silas, just as pretty. Wish i was ther ๐Ÿ™

  5. samm – Got ler, no choice ‘cos my hair was too long and look like mad woman. So, RM70 for cut and dye. Cheap hor?

    sasha – I memang terror wan. Sui-sui pics must fast fast show off mah.

    AhPek – Yalor, I oso sked ter-taken photo of compromising position, your ears oso long, my atm’s face oso black. Hahaha.

  6. You finally got to meet Ah Pek eh? He’s damn yau yeng wor! lol

    BTW, love your pink blouse!

  7. i m touched la!!! i finally got to meet my buddy ahpek!!

  8. wah! the photos all so big big leh! aiya…i looked so fat…should hv gone for a crash diet before the party…sob sob…

  9. laundryamah – Never mind, next year got one more, now we start dieting. LOL.

    wingz – Touched where jek?

    helen – HOI, how come you are not there? I thot u are going and was waiting and waiting. AhPek is not only yau yeng, he damn gentleman lah. You should have seen LimPeh. I tell you….give me RM1million oso I can never pick him for who he is. So….very….see-mun, more see-mun than my atm.

  10. Lin Peh goodboy trying to act bad ar? lol