10 thoughts on “Bloggers photos

  1. Whhet!! the ladies looks like they are dressed for the OSCARS 😛

    I must say..the 2nd pic, the ladies macam Models saja..hehehehe..striking a pose all of them…

  2. Haiyoh.. I felt so like giving you a peck on your cheek when we hugged. Heheheee.. afraid I was going to create a scandal after that, so I refrianed.

    It was really nice meeting you. Felt Iike I have known you for years lidat. Felt like meeting a long lost friend.

  3. Wahhhh…. ur hair got karer ahhhhhh.Ice… nice…. tot u said sked of smell, lol. And Ah Pek looks just like his avatar, kakakakaka. The other 2 silas, just as pretty. Wish i was ther 🙁

  4. samm – Got ler, no choice ‘cos my hair was too long and look like mad woman. So, RM70 for cut and dye. Cheap hor?

    sasha – I memang terror wan. Sui-sui pics must fast fast show off mah.

    AhPek – Yalor, I oso sked ter-taken photo of compromising position, your ears oso long, my atm’s face oso black. Hahaha.

  5. laundryamah – Never mind, next year got one more, now we start dieting. LOL.

    wingz – Touched where jek?

    helen – HOI, how come you are not there? I thot u are going and was waiting and waiting. AhPek is not only yau yeng, he damn gentleman lah. You should have seen LimPeh. I tell you….give me RM1million oso I can never pick him for who he is. So….very….see-mun, more see-mun than my atm.

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