Emo post, ok?


Nice photo hor? I lepak-ing with the kids at Coffee Beans over the weekend. From Low Yat to KLCC to MidValley. Sometimes, they went off to Toys R Us and left me alone with a laptop, the whole world and myself with a cup of latte, tea, expresso, blend of the day, wateva except ice blended stuffs. Milkshakes are for kiddoes, dude.

So, there was this post I had wanted to write but the environment didn’t fit. Last Thursday, I went to cut my hair and dye it. You know how boring sitting down waiting for the hair dye to settle is. Fourty five minutes of that, plus another 30 minutes of waiting plus 20 minutes of hair cut and hair wash.

Then, there was this father who brought his daughter to the salon for a hair cut. It is nothing much. Except that he told the hair-dresser that he was late for his appointment because he just brought her to register for school. All children born in 2001 must register for entrance in public school.

Still nothing, right? Not really. My #4 son would have been that big too, like the little girl. And damn, many things ran through my mind at that very moment. All the what ifs, and what nots.

Never mind….


It was soon brushed away and I can do silly self-portrait. But still, there were moments like those when it hit me real hard. Lucky I got a crazy fella who sms-ed me and told me to dye my hair pink, my armpit hair amber and elsewhere green and become a traffic light at the Bloggers Together Gather. Those kept my smiling again. And I tell you, it is not easy to control giggles in a room full of women and men at their hairdressers.


Damn, I love my new sandals so much, I kept putting my feet on the car dashboard and take photos of them. I have to blur out a bit to make it less kurang ajar to show my feet lah. I think that’s the perk of being a blogger. I get to release emo feelings elsewhere and subject my readers to endure the nonsense.

Now, I know how the other moms feel when they see their deceased children’s school mates entered universities, graduated and got on with their lives. We felt cheated, we felt unfairness and we just feel damn angry with no one and nothing in particular. But thank God, I got plenty to live for and those are just short moments that come and passed.

Now, tell me my shoes is so pretty or something silly, ok?

24 thoughts on “Emo post, ok?

  1. Your sandals… make you like an Indian diva! You’re a cool mother! ^^ Don’t be so emo lar… lai lai ur K-gia give u some candybar~ 😀
    Actually pink is nice mar, whoa if u dye ur hair to pink lar, dress pink, shoes pink, body cat pink…
    whoalamak K-mak
    u better call me i tell u, instantly rush to take picture with u! Cheerz!

  2. Damn, it’s indeed pretty.Color of the season sommore. How glam. And also, it’s been a long long while since i did my toes, Pedi???? Sigh…. and i do understand how the feeling must be. HUGZ, ya.

  3. Fuiyoh! Your shoes damn pretty mannnn! Buden hor, I’m an unemployed woman liar so you believe me anot? I came here to cheer myself up because I just typed a long long entry which got lost in cyber space and reading your blogs always put a smile on my face. So I mah come here to lepas geram loh. Missed the opportunity to meet you ler but nvm lah, I can still enjoy the pics everyone is posting up. 🙂

  4. Ur shoes look great on ur feet…(agree wif wat helen say)
    *applause* u made a good choice…

  5. Lurve the pair of sandals,btw where did you get them, I see them I also gian want to get a pair for myself 🙂 5xmom you’re such a sweet and lovely person and it has been a great pleasure meeting you at the gathering.

  6. Err.. A lot of people said your sandals are pretty dii.. Can I say that the picture of The Coffee Bean mug is pretty? 🙂

  7. pelf – can can LOL

    mae – I was taking a short cut through Jusco midvalley and bought it within minutes. LOL but I forgot what brand or which corner. Only RM29.90 mah, new arrival somemore.

    may – Haiyor, me and ahpek do what ah? LOL. AhPek dun own a handphone so no lah, if you are asking if he is sms-ing me.

    teeji – tenkiu

    MG – Yalor, you never come oso. Can come anon mah. The shoes hor, thanks to PPP lor, hari hari so kaya liao, buy things no need to worry about accountant and auditor wan, skali want to buy what oso can. Somemore, I just teet-teet my CIMB account and my chettiar baru banked in a few K of RM so mah splurge lor.

    helen – Yahor, I oso so love it. Lately, I buy dunno how many pairs of shoes and handbags and accessories. Another fatt hou season again.

    Erina – Cheap cheap oni. I think RM59.90 only hehehe.

    samm – Yakah? Pink or gold or both? LOL, I pandai write blog for women but know nuts about colour of the season.

    K-Kia – Hahaha, Indian diva. Bollywood here I come!

  8. Hoit, tarak mau credit saya for the Coffee Bean Cup photo argh? How to set gewd example lidis?

  9. earl-ku – Baru can fit into problogger mia gang mah. LOL.

    #2 – Yalah, yalah, I curi-ed your photos and claim credit lah. So sue me. I take back the camera baru tau.

    fire80 – Eh, macam hantu la.

  10. eh ur gold sandals match with white nail polish with very little gold trimmings baru nice.. like that instead of looking like indian diva u look like indian goddess/princess

  11. the picture is nice, the guy i think is using a PINK notebook but wearing a green seelipar.

    eei .. ur sandals reminds me of those bollywood dancers. Now you just need a tree.

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