Photos of lengjais and how AhPek and I fantasise about nuffnang

Ok,ok, I know you are all sick and tired of looking at nothing but my photos. Heh, not always got chance to take pics with bloggers ok? So, must fast fast steal those pics from other blogs and post it here so that I can look back next time. Next blogger meet, can use and compare notes mah.

These are pics I took from Arch Lancer. I didn’t have a camera and hence, simply grab anyone with camera and asked them to take pics for me. Actually, it is much nicer cos I dunno why their photos always turned out better. Can see cleavage somemore….fuwah.

Oklah, this photo is towards the end of the event when the committee were all tired out. So, I oso kepoh and sit down and took photos with them.


That above are Lisan, Me, Wingz, Skykeepyou, Splashmilk, Janice, Ladyboss Shiryen and the lower level is KennynG. KennynG, I heard is still single wei. Handsome jugak wor and very, very efficient, polite and perfect one to be boyfriend. He was from Penang. Anyone interested can apply here. Females only.

And hor…if you ask me who is the most handsome lengjai of the event, it has to be this one. Another Penang mali wan. Also single. If you are interested, can ask me to be ‘mui yan’. Or if you want to buy own domain and hosting, his service also very good.


This one is Bryan of SapiensBryan. My webhost, Wingz, AhPek and almost every Malaysian bloggers.

And to proof that I did blog live from Federal Skyroom. Here is a photo I took from Timothy‘s blog. Nuffnang graciously lended me their wifi’s line and even gave me the access for the rest of the night.


Many bloggers who signed up with nuffnang that evening received goodies from them. I stole some clocks, car stickers and other goodies from them as well.

So, if you haven’t sign up with nuffnang yet, you better hurry. Be the first few to jump on the bandwagon so that they can start tracking your blog stats and pass you the advertisements when they roll out. Don’t wait because they need to get their banner on your site before the ads can work. Hurry, hurry, fai-tit, fai-tit, cepat-cepat, kameh-kameh, khuaitien-khuaitien. Sign up with nuffnang. NOW.

See? AhPek and I already stand in front of nuffnang’s booth and contemplate how rich nuffnang is going to make us.


Ahpek : Cheng yan, nuffnang will make me so rich, I will have enough money to buy a yatch and sail to Penang to find you. Then, we can sail away towards the sunset.

5xmom : Louyeh…lei hou sui….(bashful smile). Nuffnang is going to make me so rich, next year, I can send my own plane to bring all the bloggers from Penang to KL for the next gathering.

AhPek : With nuffnang, ass-sense can kiss my big belly goodbye

5xmom : With nuffnang, I can afford to buy a male butler to ‘char kuat’ (massage) my aching back

*loman music in the background, Ming and Timothy cold sweats already…*

Stop laffing already, go and add your blog to nuffnang now. Add their banner and sit back and wait. Go! It’s an order! (say Yes, Madam!)

21 thoughts on “Photos of lengjais and how AhPek and I fantasise about nuffnang

  1. Wah… no need to promote me like that kua… LOL. Anyway, thanks. I still haven’t signup nuffnang, really can make money ah?

  2. Hahahaha. You ar….. How much Nuffnang, Byran and Kenny pay you for this post hah? I sign up long long time ago adi. Money face ppl very fast smell money wan. Kekekeke.

  3. MG – Oh a lot! A share of the company. LOL. No lah, they are really nice guys so I will do it for free, many times over. Somemore lengjais mah, so mah fast fast use their pics to attract SYTs lor.

    Boss Stewie – LOL, no pressure, we only do what we can to promote local companies.

    wuching – Yalor…missed you at the gathering.

    Kenny Ng – Wei, if got girls contact, must buy me free lunch hor.

  4. although I’m a bit late to know about this gathering, but I quite enjoy follow after all posts of the event from u and some other blogger who report about it. It is fun leh..Anymore ah?

    ohh..that he is Bryan..he response fast in email…efficient!…thanks for posting up some popular ones..

  5. i am @ wrk reading your post until i saw tht bryan’s face…suddenly not sleepy anymore…

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