Money is so stimulating

*This is a sponsored post with a twist.*

So, I finally got my lazy butt over to the bank to open an account in my name. Previously, I don’t have a bank account and used to bank in all my foreign cheques in the hubby’s account. I never see a cent I made from all my online blogging.

The reason is because we have a joint-account but that bank charges exhorbitant fees and hence, all my cheques from the US of A cannot be banked in there. After just a month, I can now see the money building up in my account. The feeling is great because when I go to the atm and teet-teet-teet, I see money!

But eheh, being a woman, I think we have to be smart with our finances. Firstly, I will make sure that his money is my money and my money is all mine, mine, mine. No further negotiation. For example, our house is under both of our names. But the money is his. I even refused to withdraw my employees provident fund (EPF) for any financing. There is no thought of any Remortgages but he has to pay them up.

Next thing is – I see that we live thrifty and not getting ourselves into loans and debts. Credit cards payments have to be paid on the dot each month. Whatever debt advice, the dear hubby can settle it because, dude, he is a finance manager by profession and accountant by qualification, ok?

So, dear wives, remember that you need to watch over the husband finances. Know what’s going on with his current accounts. I had seen a guy who bought cars and apartments for a mistress and the wife only knew about it after she checked his current accounts. By then, rice has turned into porridge. (too late to save)

Queen control, you say? Nay…..this is call smart and cunning woman. Smart and cunning women don’t cry over spilt milk. We are in control of our lives and that of our children. It is sort of like having a home insurance where we are protected in all situations.

Go check out the links I provided in case you need to smarten up to ensure a better and more secure future for your children and yourself. Remember this : His money is yours. Your money is yours. Heh, geddit?

4 thoughts on “Money is so stimulating

  1. I love this phrase “His money is yours. Your money is yours. ” hope i master this skill too!

    Lilian, you are an inspiration! hahahaha….

  2. Hehehe, I don’t believe in the EPF part. Since housing loan interest is way higher than the EPF interest given. šŸ™‚

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