Skateboard designed by my #2 – Kamikaze-Skateboard

He refused to let me show off the printed magazine. He refused to post it on his Kamikaze-Skateboard‘s blog. So, I am going to show off here on my blog.


A page from the Revolution Magazine, issue March 2007. My son, Michael designed a few skateboard designs for Rupert Rage who is the distributor for skateboard, inline and BMX stuffs in Malaysia. They normally want fresh ideas so they pick skateboarders to come up with the ideas as the design will better represent what skateboarders want.

RUPERT RAGE (For Skates)
F7-F8, 1st Floor
Centrepoint Shopping Complex
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
93100 Kuching
Tel : 082-414841 Fax : 082-414280
Email :

Heh, my son is only 14 going 15 years but he has gotten more freebies, more stuffs than me. At the Together Gather, he got a free deck from mott too! China company distributing bearings gave him bearings. US companies gave him wheels. And Rupert Rage, Phe William is going to reward him with more freebies. Damn….I am jealous! So many free stuffs and yet, he kept pestering me for my PayPal to buy more things. In case you do not know, a skateboard and its bearings and wheels can cost over RM1K for those professionals. A set of bearings only can cost as much as RM400! *faints*

Anyway…as I told the group of parents during the bloggers meet, we parents have to fuel their interest and see how far they can go. Yeah, we had been around the different skateparks in Malaysia just to satisfy his curiosity over those parks. Temerloh, Taiping, Kampar, Ipoh, Gong Badak…..Mont Kiara, MPPJ, Kampung Batu and recently Shah Alam.

(looking stoned in Shah Alam)

Skateboarding is a risky game but so is crossing the road or riding in car. Wear protective clothing and a helmet always. (I know..the photos in the mag didn’t show that ‘cos at that time, we had problem even buying a helmet because the only local shop doesn’t carry these stuffs) Learn and read and get to know other skateboarders and learn from them. Pa’din Musa calls my son, ‘engineer’ because my #2 knows every damn mechanism of the skateboard from the materials to the millimetre measurement of those bearings. (bearings are important because it determines how fast you can go) He bores the hell out of me with those facts and figures.

So yay! Proud mother showing off her brood. Blek.

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  1. Choi! You fed me good teh which is kau enough that is why I looked stone-stone lidat…

    Tenkiu veli much 4 blingin mi 2 awl duh pucs errlound Malisia…

    ps : protective pad/dings not protective clothing. Full leather suit, which is used for hill bombing is called protective clothing…

  2. Info update..

    Rupert Rage is no longer in Kuching Plaza, that building is now deserted…will be undergoing renovations soon…

    as to where the new site of Rupert Rage is..I have to confess, no idea here…..

  3. melvin – LOL, the education system teach wan.

    QV – I updated already.

    #2 son – Watevaaa

    wuching – Ya lor, extreme sports is the name of the game now. You see a skateboarder in almost every ads, right?

  4. Wow!! Itu Dia…Orang Penang knows the location first before orang kuching hehehehe..mind u..seldom go to that shop….whole size for me!! hahahaha

  5. Lilian, which mum won’t feel proud of their smart kids, rite? Micheal, you are lucky to have this kind of mummy, you know? Nowadays, I realise not many parents know exactly what their kids are doing and not many are supportive too.

    I am trying to be like a friend to my kids to build a better relationship but when I have to be like a ‘tiger’ I will too. Hehehe………. A mum duty is never easy and never ending job, agreed Lilian?

  6. awww so sweet of you supporting your son! =)

    if only my mum will support my dream of owning a petshop!!! -.-

  7. Ooo.. nice work with the deck. I think it’s good the relationship you have with your son. In line with recent news of the SPM results (meaning how crap the education system is), it’s great that he is getting the more rounded education OUTSIDE of school.

    However, I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to say he skipped school to go to the Together Gather hahahaha… šŸ˜› but kudos on what he’s doing on his blog too.

  8. RM 400 bearings… shock!

    In parallel universe :
    5xmom : Ok, I am not complaining RM400 bearing, so you don’t complain my Vaio. :p

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