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So, if you are not married to an accountant like me, what do you do when it comes to tax paying time? I have never filled a single tax form in my life because by the time I earn enough to pay income taxes, I already dated an auditor. He did the job for me.

Then, after I dumped the auditor, I married an accountant who also dutifully filled in those forms for me. I can never figure out how to fill those forms and the figures frightened me. Hehehe, but if you are not married or dating a guy who is an expert like mine, what do you do?

Now I have a solution for you if you are living in the US of A! Online Tax Filing and E-File Software will solve the problem. You do not need to deal with calculator errors and redoing by hand your paper filing mistakes. Now your tax preparation can all be typed and saved online with online forms that are tested and authorized by the IRS.

The rate is cheap too. Cheaper than finding an accountant boyfriend. The fees are:

1040 EZ for $7.95
1040 / 1040A for $14.95
State Tax Returns for $12.95

For that amount, eSmart Tax will save you time and headache. I know I will certainly pay for it if it means no calculation mistakes because who knows, you may make some errors and ended up paying more to the IRS than you should. Or horrors, you may pay too little and get fined!

Choose eSmart Tax as your Online Tax Preparation and Tax Filing Software this year. Don’t wait till the last minute to make a rush to get the job done.

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  1. Looks like I can join your gang also coz I never fill that form b4. Lawrence did it for me even thought he is not an auditor nor accountant. Like now also, he still do it for me. How lucky we are Lilian, rite?

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