Two weeks gone…

Today is Wednesday. It has been fourteen days since I survive on grass, plants, leaves, roots and beans. I am getting annoying because I will chew off parts of the foods and stuffed the balance into my #1 son’s mouth. Just today, I chewed the crispy parts of the wantan which is made of flour and stuffed the middle part of the meat into his mouth.

My dear hubby is having fun tempting me. While having dinner, he ordered a plate of Indian curried rice with catfish (my absolutely to die for fish) curry, squids filled with eggs and some other stuffs. At first, he offered me a spoonful of the rice which he told me the curry tasted great. So, I opened my mouth and ate it. Then, he took a piece of the catfish and told me how ‘lemak’ (tasty?) it is and selamba aje offered to me again.

I gave him a killer stare. Knowing that I love, love, love catfish and its slimey skin, he took it off, pretend to spoonfeed me. Then, he looked up the sky and called out, “Hey, Jesus, see…there’s a church there.” And then, he said to me, “Faster faster, Jesus is not looking. Eat lah, God not looking.”

Tiu lor…you say torturing or not? That’s not the end of it. My toddler sometimes chewed off part of his food but he will put them into my mouth because the piece is too big. It is my mother’s instinct to just open the mouth like a rubbish bin and swallowed everything. So, the other day he was having this crispy, yummy, tasty original Kentucky Fried Chicken. He took a piece and offered to me. Absent-mindedly, I opened my mouth and well, since it is in my mouth, I won’t be so crazy to spit it out, ok? That is food. Millions of people are starving. Millions never eat any KFC before. So, I ate it. And my two other sons screamed, “MOM!!!! You sudah batal puasa!!!!”

Haih….sometimes I wonder which part of my sadist side is working? The saintly one or the devilish side? No one ask me to go on vegetarian diet. My Catholic faith doesn’t demand it. But die-die I also want to achieve it. I am going to do this just for a few more weeks. Even if I have to whine over it every single week on my blog.

Good Friday is on April 6th. How should I celebrate my buka puasa? Char koay teow with extra si-ham and huge prawns? And yeah, don’t bother to tell me to stop whining already. It is my blog and I want to whine, can?

21 thoughts on “Two weeks gone…

  1. hmm… april 6th.

    c’mon lillian!!! you can do it!!!


    how about eating catfish curry? you’re sure to be dreaming about it, lah…

  2. Two more weeks only lah *eating fillet o fish and loving it, while typing this* Blek!

  3. It’s my 10th year of abstaining from meat and spirits. Added chocolate and sex over the last couple of years. I swear, it’s getting harder and harder…blech

  4. Tahan Lilian. Malaysia boleh and so do you – Lilian boleh. Just another 2 more weeks and after that can have big feast liau. Coi toh, I make good stuff for you to eat lah. Now you tahan first. Maybe, I shall join you liau. Can go slimmer mah. Have put up some weight since CNY. Sei for lor………….. hahaha

  5. Good luck, few more days only…actually can salute you, even with all that temptations you still can fast.

  6. Hor! Sudah batal puasa must reboot, restart! Past effort won’t count. Must start afresh puasa again for 1 month!!!

  7. sasha – Heh, I no dig unagi. I want sashimi only.

    doc – Got easier method. Fast fast pangsai them out. šŸ˜›

    dylan – Not half the way yet lah.

    kukuman – I dunno how Jews fast. We Catholics are expected to refrain from things we normally enjoy.

    erina – I dunno got lose weight or not ‘cos I get hungry all the time and stuff myself even more.

    laundryamah – Stop fantasizing those Korean hunks counted liao lar. Hahaha.

    budokid – No lah, going vegetarian will not make you lose weight. Unless you eat healthily.

    Gallivinater – What are you doing ah? On your way to priesthood?

    heui – yalor that day the together gather I makan only mee and sayur, cannot eat the sotong so sad.

    terence – Mana gua mia vouchers huh?

    AhPek – Eat grass good for you also lah. Go try and see your belly can become smaller or not.

    zyrin – Ya lor…terliur see the fat-fat catfish gulai.

  8. Keep fit ah? No worry… I’m sure you can do it! Imagine last time I follow the 9 Emperors festival time, I vegetarian for 10 days, really difficult to past that 10 days la.

  9. Have been a vegetarian since I was a kid. Was just wondering whether you noticed any changes in your body metabolism.

  10. HAHAHA I like the second son’s comment..of Batal Puasa and ATM’s comment of God not looking hehehehe..

    anyway…it all counts down to the effort that one makes…the main thing is you tried and yes, certain things can really tempt you but that’s life, as humans we will always be tempted…either by the devil or by own selflah..(its so easy to blame the devil for everything hehehehe) Even Christ was tempted by the Devil when he fasted for 40 days…(by the way..40 days is not to be taken literally, in Jewish reckoning of time, 40 days would mean a very very long time, of course the church now presents us with 40 days of Lent in keeping with the Biblical reckoning of time) however, Christ display his Divinity in that temptation by the Devil by not succumbing to the Devil’s tempts but we as human, we are bound to fail and only through God’s will and our preserverance in God’s teachings and prayers can we succeed… how did i end up lecturing about fasting and prayers here? hehehe

    Anyway..main important thing to remember…its okay to fast..but its ridiculous to Fast or abstain from from certain food, but in order to recompense ourselves for our fasting and abstinence, we gorge on something we normally wouldn’t have done in ordinary times and might cost more than some chicken pieces…

    And how to break your lenten fast on Holy Saturday after the Easter Vigil? Well, you should celebrate as Christ has reason from the dead!! So why not an extensive menu of Shepherd”s Pie, Beef Curry, Hard Boiled Egg Salad, Prawn Noodles and since u love Cat fish so much..have you tried marinating the cat fish in soya sauce, with 1/2 cup of sugar and ground pepper and then popping it over an open flame…yummy!!!!

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