Five things you do not know about 5xmom

Cincau hangus tagged me with this ‘Five things you do not know about me’ and I must faster do because he susah susah compiled the list of the bloggers together gather ultimate list. Through his compilation, I baru get to read all the entries from one location. I think I have done this meme but who cares lah….

Five things :

1) 5xmom got balls. She even eat bull’s balls to prove it.*flexes biceps*

2) 5xmom has poor maths skills. She just learnt the formula for the colour blue this morning.

3) 5xmom does not read enough blogs because 50% of the bloggers she met at the Together Gather, she gave a blank look. *hides face*

4) 5xmom tagged a lot of people in some Six Weird Things about me but no one noticed her tag! *pouts and sulks*

5) 5xmom is kawaii.*slaps self to stop from perasan-ing too much*

Now the lucky five:

1) Pinksterz

2) My Magnificent life not

3) Paris Beaverbanks

4) moo_t

5) Budokid

6) Shoppingmum

17 thoughts on “Five things you do not know about 5xmom

  1. wuching – 1 thing u dunno about 5xmom – Her boobs reduced by 1 inch after shedding some pounds. Hehehe. No, actually it is **&^%#%%!!@@!!! the cup doesn’t fit so well anymore.

  2. shoppingmum – I tag u now lah. Usually I lazy to add links so I just grab the last five I find on my wordpress dashboard.

    QV – Yayaya.

    wuching – LOL, what have you eaten today? This is not the wuching I know wor. Overdose of caffeine issit? All bananas, peeled or unpeeled will be peeled all the same when in use lah. LOL.

    terence -Oik, klangbridge IQ160 oso got grammar errors liao. Did not > present tense, not wanted but want, right? And I thot you want to solve the maths equation for me. Hrrrmmmpphhhh…

  3. Can’t think of some interesting new topic, thanks for tag… (I think I have some serious Attention Seeking Syndrome….. for my site pagerank )

  4. Hahahaha, Leng Lui Auntie Lillian, does loosing weight really do that to your boobs?

    Are they now firmer and smoother?

  5. Answer to maths equation is: Me (-) you (=) BLUE.

    Sorry for my London, sent to wrong Uni. Applied for Cambridge, ended up under Klang Bridge. Paiseh, Paiseh!

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